Give me my Beltway Boys back!

I sat down this last weekend to watch my TIVO’d edition of the Beltway Boys. What to my surprise was Huckabee doing on my TV again?! No, this wasn’t a rerun of the GOP primaries, it was Huckabee’s new FoxNews TV show. Thinking it wasn’t a permanent mistake, I started watching the show. I soon fell into familiar feelings of why I’m not a Huckabee fan. Huckabee put together a less than captivating show. His guests were semi-interesting, and I did think it was creative to have give and take from the audience. Yet, Huckabee started wearing on my nerves again. To make matters worse, within no time Huck had moved over to the band and picked up his bass guitar and started playing a Christian rock song. I like well done Christian rock, but I was wondering why Huck’s band was getting all this air time playing some unremarkable tune with a group of unattractive band mates.

After speeding through some uncomfortable footage, I found myself missing my Beltway Boys. I looked on Fox’s website and realized that the Beltway Boys show was no where to be found on the up and coming schedule. Sometimes it stinks when a show you like doesn’t keep up it’s ratings, I’m not sure if Huckabee’s show will be a success, but Fox has definitely lost one weekend viewer in me. I guess there is still Chris Wallace’s show.

Please Fox, bring back my Beltway Boys. If you can’t, I guess I’ll have more TIVO space for some other network 🙁

Nathan W.