How liberals argue...

Since we are going to being working for the government soon and become happy social democrats, it is time for us to understand how to think like a social democrat – “When in Rome…”

1. Demonize instead of analyze . It is easier to say “Rush Limbaugh is against Obama’s stimulus. Are you with Rush or with Obama?” than it is to try and prove how increasing government debt will make things better. It is easier to excoriate compensation formulas on Wall Street than explain why you want to give Wall Street a whole bunch more money. Attacking Rush is easy, proving that spending untold billions on pork projects will do anything is hard. So pick someone you think others can turn their noses up at, and attack him. It doesn’t matter if the demonized is really related to anything.

2. Use conclusions as facts upon which to make conclusions. “Trickle down economics destroyed our economy. So we should approve the stimulus plan.” or “Tax cuts killed the economy, so we should have tax increases.” The nightmare of judges and law school professors everywhere, but you can’t argue with it. Try putting together more and more conclusions on top of each other to make your case. For example “Bush deregulated the financial sector.” “Regulations would have stopped the problems we have now.” “We need more regulations.” “OJ Simpson is against more regulations.” “Are you with OJ Simpson or Obama?”

3. Hypocrisy is justification for whatever suits you. Want to rack up a huge deficit with pork barrel projects? Blame republicans for doing the same thing. Just start a sentence with “But Bush…” Don’t want to pay your taxes – just find some Republican who didn’t pay their taxes decades ago and blame them.

4. Always be the victim. If you say you want bi-partisanship, new politics, and cooperation, you can stomp around and demand whatever you want and when you don’t get it, you blame the other side for not cooperating, for putting petty partisanship in front of doing what is right.

5. If any fact mentioned comes from anyone related with a Republican, don’t listen to it and totally ignore it. If someone says “I read a study from Heritage that said…” Just ignore whatever comes next. It is dirty. Only cite statements from lobbyists who want more pork.