The Road to Six: Your Help Is Needed

As Red State readers know, six is the key number in the battle for control of the Senate. In addition to holding all the seats currently held by Republicans, we have to flip six Democrat-held seats.

As I wrote earlier this week in a memo to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee, the good news is that we have multiple paths to get to six. But we also have to remember that beating incumbents isn’t easy. As political analyst Larry Sabato has noted, not since the 1980 landslide has the GOP defeated more than two incumbent senators.

So with 48 days until the election, what does that mean? It means we can’t take anything for granted. Even when the polls are in our favor, we have to work harder. We can’t get comfortable, nor can we wait until the last minute: many states begin voting early or by absentee ballot this week.

We have less than seven weeks to go until Election Day, and firing Harry Reid is priority number one. Only by taking back the Senate and ending Harry Reid’s time as majority leader can we stop the Obama agenda and start sending pro-growth, pro-jobs bills to the president’s desk.

To everyone who has supported the effort, I want to say thank you. As I wrote recently, the Road to Six won’t be easy, and winning six seats will be a significant accomplishment. (Be sure to watch our “Road to Six” video here.)

If you haven’t already signed up to join our Victory 365 effort, visit gopvictory365.com to get connected. You can join one of our precinct teams or volunteer in a Victory 365 office. To get our message out and to get people to the polls, we need dedicated Republican volunteers knocking on doors and making phone calls.

We can all also make a difference just by talking to our friends and family. We all know people who are on the fence. Some aren’t sure which candidate to support. Some aren’t sure if they’ll even vote at all. No voice is as trusted as a friend or family members, so be sure to have that conversation before it’s too late. And remember: the facts on our side.

We’re on the right track, so if we all continue the hard work, we’ll be on solid ground on Election Day.