RNC Launches ObamaCareCosts.org To Inform Voters, Hold 2014 Democrats Accountable

Today at the RNC, we are launching ObamaCareCosts.org, to provide voters with the facts on ObamaCare in the week leading up to the October 1 implementation deadline.

Ahead of the 2014 midterms, Democrats who voted for and supported ObamaCare are up for reelection. These Democrats are doubling down on their support for this costly healthcare law even as they watch news stories about how ObamaCare is hurting their constituents—the very people we were told it would help. The RNC is doing our part to make sure voters hold their elected officials accountable by informing Americans about how the law is costing them and their home states. By keeping the site regularly updated, we are shining a spotlight on how ObamaCare is killing jobs, hurting our economy, raising premiums, and limiting healthcare access.

So check out ObamaCareCosts.org to find out just how ObamaCare is hurting you, your community and your state. And when you find out exactly how much ObamaCare hurts, tweet and facebook using the hash tag #ObamaCosts.