Keep Shouting: "Taxed Enough Already"

It’s Tax Day, and across the country as hardworking Americans surrender a chunk of their paychecks to the federal government, many are also standing up to give the government a piece of their minds.

In Washington, D.C., in state capitals, in big cities and small towns, Tax Day Tea Party rallies are sounding a refrain that we must keep shouting: “Taxed Enough Already.”

That cry began four years ago when everyday Americans finally had enough with Washington liberals’ tax-and-spend ways and wanted to do something about it. They got attention and gained a following.

Since then, they’ve helped refocus American politics on the principles that matter: a constitutionally limited government, states’ tenth amendment rights, and less government spending.

In 2010, commonsense conservatives were swept into Congress on a wave of grassroots momentum. Two years later, freedom-minded Americans ensured Republicans kept their majority in the House of Representatives.

Since then, these Republican representatives have heard and heeded the call for responsible spending. They’ve passed balanced budgets and voted to lower taxes. But Democrats in the Senate and the Spender-in-Chief won’t even propose a budget that balances. Clearly, they’re not losing sleep over the $16.7 billion national debt.

But across America, Republican governors are doing the work the president won’t. They’re cutting taxes, eliminating waste, reining in government, and rooting out corruption.  Many of them took office in 2009 and 2010. We have the Tea Party to thank for that.

Four years ago, we were “Taxed Enough Already.” Today, we’re taxed even more. If President Obama had our way, taxes would continue to rise. This is why tax day rallies matter. This is why advocates of limited government matter. If we don’t speak up, nothing stands in the way of government reaching further into our pockets.

Tax dollars are our dollars. So the people we elect to represent us should be good stewards of our money. It should be spent wisely and efficiently, not wastefully.

As conservatives, we know that if government isn’t limited, opportunity will be. The more government taxes, the more it spends, and the more it spends, the more it grows. A large, bloated, intrusive government stands in the way of citizens charting their own course and making their own decisions. It stifles job creation and shrinks you paycheck.

That’s why we want legislators to respect the Constitution. Individuals make better decisions than the bureaucrat. Washington liberals need a reintroduction to the Tenth Amendment, an amendment drafted to ensure that powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people–because government of the people, by the people, and for the people should be kept closest to the people.

So to all the people standing up today, rallying for liberty, I applaud you.  Your voice matters, and America needs you to keep speaking out.

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