Lets talk about Slavery

Def:Slave:(First applied to captiveSlave)1.A human  being who is owned by another2.One dominated by some influence,etc.

Now as my understanding of Websters definition I would like to see if we can qualify as being enslaved.

We now have a White House adminastration that does not listen to its people,Senators that don’t answer their calls congress that has no intrest in what the public voice says only around election time.

We now are into Public Health Services which if passed will tell you if you can live or die.

We have Baby killers with the partical abortion rule is if they are alive at birth let them die sort of like no care for life

 we have embryonic stem cell research where other means would do the same thing.

We can no longer worship God without being ridiculed and almost shamed.

We are about to be spied on to see if we are terriost because we don’t agree on their agenda.

They are trying to control the media from giving true facts.

they have destroyed free trade.

The are brainwashing our children in schools like big brother.

They have trashed the Holidays this year we are haveing a Holiday tree.

The Gay movement is trying to tell me I have to conform to their beliefs.

They want to spread the wealth by taking from the rich and giving to the poor(sounds like a twist to Robin Hood)

Taxation without representation

Forced Unions(Unions never did work except the lower calss pays for the upper class over payed and over rated Polices)

Small Business destruction

Student loan control,Bank Control, Insurance Control and any other control they can think of.

Special intrest groups ruining Farmers and straving the American population over meaningless ploys to control.

States  forced to support broke states because of the states policies ruining their own economy.

 We are forced to pay taxes to support the High dollar living policies of the government from 100.00 pound steak to trips over sea for shopping sprees to Vacations for Congress .


Now let me see,If I am not mistaken there are more here that could be added to the list but by all means of the def of Slavery I think we are already there.

My advice before we become frozen take a stand .The Jews had a wait and see policy and you see where Hitler and his regime went Slavery you don’t have to be BLACK to be a slave look at us now and look where we are headed