To Much Information

 I had to get off the air waves for awhile,I was getting more frustrated than I could reason .

I was at the point to get a gun and start shooting but I am not sure where I would shoot first.

 I listen to Beck,Rush and Hannity.

Don’t get me wrong I love all of them but after all the information from acorn to the Obama chants in school to the godlessness of the baby killing no god in the yard signs the shortage of food supplies the Left wing nuts Pork Belly projects to line their pockets (Tell me the differance between them and the AIG ex) and the Clowns that run the Government.

Heck I have clled Blanch  in Arkansas shes one of the finest rejects I ever seen and they can take Pryor right along with  her. These two need to go.

They are social climbing ego manics and they think they are above us and Pryor waited till the last min on the gun vote at the last minute he was goin to vote for it .

Now I have had people say do you feel it in the air and I say yeah.Its as if someone is waiting for some one to pop a paper bag and when it does all hells goin to break loose.

I am relly grateful to be informed but where is the solution how do we get these idiots stopped befor 2010 and not end up in a revolution ,because from the people I have talked to are just as about ready as I am.

And as far as having the Obama chant in school its a wonder the parent haven’t torn the doors off the hinges or kept their kids home from school.

And then to my relief(Cough,Cough) I hear John Mc Cain is goin to get the republican Party in his image.

Hell he is the straight talking express that throws his people under the bus if he has anything to put in the GOP we will be haveing a third party and then there will be Conservatives from Dem Rep and     

independents join forces.

Thanks for the information but wheres the solution