My response to Restoration to the Church will take more than that little box provides.

Throughout the ages man has put a lotof  emphasises on the Church ,I am a Christian  not a Baptist Methodist but Christain.

Down through the ages man has fought one way or the other on how to get to heaven now I believe in Jeasus Christ as my savior.And frankly I don’t care if you believe in a doorknob as long as you have some foundation for faith.

I have been to church I have been dunked and dunked again, now  if you really want to find God get locked up he’s in jail,funny he must stay there because usually after people get out they fall by the wayside.

Now I hear for awhile he was a game show host of Lets make a deal usually if you’re drunk with your head on the toliet seat of the cold tile floor.

If thats not it usually its a plea deal God if you just get me out of this I will go to church or whatever deal you need to make to satisify your guilt or shame.Well folks let me tell you God is not Monty Hall and he don’t have to make deals I am Free by the Grace of God.The Bible is Two Books the first is Law the Secong is grace we are now in grace.

I know the bible I have read and comprehend most of it but as time progresses and you grow in the spirit it evolves.

Now the Church is a Fellowship hall and for the most part Preachers are honest but now we have child molesters ,Gay ,cheat on there wives all the human gambits as people have when these people advice me they had a calling I told them it was the wrong number.

God don’t lie neither does he turn his back on us we move not him.

The Bible we have now is not a completed book Because King James deleated a lot   of the book now for the most part you can take it to the bank,Revelation is the final Chapter and it looks like its headed toward the gate now.

Most of the books of Mark, Luke ,John and James lets you know you are the Church not the Building it’s the mans ability to share the truth about god not this watered down version its all about control and justification by pers ecution reform ? you might want to get the people  who have faith. Faith is believeing in something bigger than self and not knowing whats going to happen,but knowing you will be able to deal and it will be alright .

Churches call me when the Chili is done. People use to help people they use to set with sick people, they  met at their homes in barns in fields it dosen’t take a church to build a congregation it say where two are more are gathered I will be there.