There Comes a Time

I am real tired of being called racist,I am a Southern Woman and I was not brought up racist and I did not bring my kids up racist.

Now if you dissagree with Obama and the Communist White Senate remmember there is only one or two Blacks that I can remember if there are more add them but the majority of the House and Senate are White and they are the ones that are pushing their Communistic Agenda.

I know there are Blacks out there that are mad as hell too,and they should be there are extremist that belong to both sides of extremeism the idiot in Georgia should be repremanded for his comment about Joe Wilson and the KKK.

 What about the panthers that are out and about with the Unions and Obama Thugs.

The Blacks, Mexicans, Oriental,Whites need to take a Stand.We the people elected these Left wing nut jobs and we can fire them and if we can’t there is goin to come a time when there is choices we are goin to have to make.

We the people need to decide if your State can suceed from the Union you need to start taking polls because I am not the only one whos thinking this way I really don’t want a revolution but the Country is heading down hill fast the Russians are talking about how Obama has defeated the American people and we are letting him, Now that is bad when Russia thinks we have become weak.

And the Government Media, we need to be turning off the Propaganda MSNBC,ABC,NBCand CBS and see where their ratings go  the Boycott needs to be on the Newspapers that refuse to tell the truth  and we need to put them out of bussiness like they did the Small Conservative Newspapers.

They would like to put Fox out of Business the only regret I have is Fox don’t have a Consevative station on the local channels so they can throw the truth to the public that can’t afford cable so the mainstram could get pass the Liberal bias.

I think the Country needs  to look at how the Government don’t look at what you want and they miminize your voice and say we hear you and we will take a stand the only thing is when they are in DC it’s Screw you we are voting the way we want to and there is nothing you can do about it(thats called Right of Decision).

now I am telling you there will be a Time that we will spill blood on this ground and its because OBAMA has taken us back to Martin Luther Kings Era.

Believe me it wasn’t pretty snd it was badbut it’s nothing when it comes a choice between Freedom and Communisim this time color won’t matter( even though there will be elements to make it that way.

We need to fire everyone of themGOP and Dems  we need to put term limits on these want to be politicans two two terms and you are out you can run again  after whoever serves their term if they are reelected ofter their first term thats Senators to.