Am I the Only One Mad

I seen a piece on the Web that had me come unglued,it was a pick of Obama standing in front of Chinas Communist Flag.

Well I thought how fitting we know the people he runs with,and the Company he keeps.

We also know he what his Agenda for the rest of us,for one I am not a Communist and my family has never been.

My family has shed blood over here during the wars that we the people fought for freedom as well as over seas defending our intrest as well as others who envied what we had.

People escaped their country to get over here so they could enjoy the freedoms we have taken for granted so long, our children have had things given to them mostly out of love and sometimes so parents didn’t have to spend time with them because they had lost sight of family.

Alot of people have no idea of politics nor do they care to because its not in their immediate gradification list.

Most Americans  have the attitude that they will do something when it comes to their front yard well by that time its to late and then people are shocked, but they shouldn’t be.

I was here during the hippie movement and I was here during the Civil rights,but now I can honestly say I am afraid for my children and grandchildren.

And as Americans if I was you I would be to.

And now they are going to hang Chinas Flag in front of the White House I want to know is that goin to be our flag.

China said they always wanted to see their flag flown on the White House Lawn I say letss see what we can do with the 25th Admmendment because Obama is not about Freedom or the Constitution.

We need to get rid of Congress the Lifelong politicans of the Senate and put term limits on all of them,Congress and the Senate and get rid of our racist, communist Pres and his Tax cheating Labor lobbying Abortion Rights Administration before you have no choices.

And what about the cap and trade issue.

Am I the Only one thats mad as hell and to think the Foreign Dignataries can look at it when they all meet.