The Circus is in Town

If the situation wasn’t so serious it would be funny

I can here Barnum Baily Circus music everytime I hear or read something about one of the Clowns they call the Adminastration,for as long as I can remember and thats been awhile due to my grandkids that we have had a real Hodge Podge of Misfits and the are in charge of our Country.

We have Tax evaders that can justify there reason for not paying their taxes .

We have a staff correspondant who stammers because he knows he lying and we know it too,We have a President that is Arrogant and in love with himself,and stays on vacation most of the time or is campaining for a communisitic Bill We also have the Union Run System Pulling the strings of the Pres.

We have a Vice President Hidin Biden that can’t walk because his foot is always in his mouth then we have a Communist Racist Johnson in the White House and Po;oski who visits the pope and he leaves her standing babeling to herself.

We have Clinton who the world leaders thinks is a joke (ask China)

We have a Congree that care about the American people like the H1N1 and the Only reason they are even talking if they talk and don’t hide telling you what you want to hear but their intentionsare clear look at the pork ridden  bill of the Stimulas all the Pork Belly that was for Marsh Rats and trains to nowhere oh lets not forget about the Minnows in California thats keeping water from the Farmers in Ca so they can grow food for the Us. If it comes to me and my kids eating blow the Damn the Government is stock, piling food I wonder why .

They could of gave every American a Million dollars a piece with the stipulation that they buy a house and pay for it get a car and pay for it.

Pay off all credit Card Bills If your Kids was goin to go to College call the College of choice and pay for the four Years.

They should be required to pay a years of insurance premiems for health on their Family,We would of come out dollars to donuts ahead .

Obama and the Unions are trying to destroy with sucess just so they can prosper at the Blue Cloolar expense.You have been lied to the get go I am angry at the people who are just sitting and letting this roll over.

I am tired of seeing our Senior Citizens getting attacked and the disabled jerked around,There is more here than Health care this administration has throwed so many Bills through that the only one they can focus on is Med. what about Cap and trade what about TAriff on sugar What about the government Energy Bill.

Its not about you common good its control for Communisim so you can be slaves like the Jews were to Hitler and now they are going after our kids they say they will release a speech to tell you what he’s going to say but he lies all the time what if he says something completely different at that point its to late the seed has been planted.

Once upon a time people use to help people if there was a Hurricane people helped people if there was a fire people helped people if people were hungry they would help each other .

I am sorry to say the Americans today for the most part  have become welfare mentallity looking for something for nothing, I blame it on the parenting  because Parents usually tried to give their children more because they knew what was less maybe they should of made them work for it.

Nowpeople are getting ready to know true bondage if these Clowns in charge are not gotten rid of