We may not have to wait for Obama Care to due in the elderly

Their was a guy on Rush show that went and found a finger of a elderly man the God help America Media reported that it was a Anti Obama person that did it .

It wasn’t,It was a Pro-Obama goon that went and with malis bit the old Gentlemans finger off and through it in the street a younger guy picked up the finger and took it to the hospital.

 This guy is like so maney of the Obama goons,they prey on the elderly what I want to know is where are the men with Backbones to protect the elderly.

 I am 58 and I guarentee if I was even attempted to be man handled I would be able to take care of myself but what about your parents and grandparents who have worked for years to take care of you and your young what about the one that are taking a stand for our freedom and are being terrified by these Acorn,Union  Goons and if anybody should be called terriost its the Obama Klan.

Now its getting physical and the Elderly and disabled are being targeted,These cowards probably beat their girlfriends Wifes and Kids because they are cowards and don’t go after someone that can show them resistance,and I would suggest the Real Men Of America Stand up and fight for these people get ahold of them and show the media the true Gastpo at work and let our Elderly alone!!!!!