There is a Storm Brewing

There is a storm brewing .One that maney generations have not seen.Due to the fact that most Americans have enjoyed freedoms and choices mostly because our fore Fathers fought and died for the rights of Freedom.

Most of us has not had to stand in line for rations ,none of us have been told what we can eat where we can go how we have to live,what we are programed to think.

These were gift from God and our fore fathers.For centuries they have fought and died for us and people who have envied our freedom so they may prosper and live Free.

There was a man just a man he was Charming and he worked his way up through the ranks impressing people with his ideas he thought the mass would like to hear,Then he started drawing the masses and he made promises none of which he kept,he promised a better life and people believed him and they started doing what he asked all the while he had a movement going for a govenment movement.Due to the propaganda News no one got the truth then the truth started leaking out and people started questioning there leadership,maney were arrested,and were discredited though the government propaganda networks and groups that were appointed to dig up dirt on their families and their private life to put them in fear and shut them down if that didn’t work they sent spys and instagaters in to disrupt and distort meetings.

When people would not stand down  they made it to where they could not gather in crowds and when they would sneek and meet they were hunted down and locked up they had people to tell on them and brainwashed their childern through socialist schooling.

And it started condeming groups and then race and then color and then their religious beliefs.And people started dissappearing then the place called Marshall Law and Special Law Enforcement was issued to control the masses.

Then they started rationing food said there was a shortage,all the while they had catered meals the finist houses kept warm and had parties traveled abroad still the people stood still the they had Box cars and started the propaganda they were transfereing  groups of people to give them a better life still people did not want to stand up and defend their right to live and they put them into Cattlecars and Box cars and shipped them to Concentration Campsand the Gas Chambers florished and the people that sided with them were put to death and starved.

Now  I bet you were thinking I was goin to say OBAMA,but the mans name was HITLER,and if the United States of America does not wake up we will be the Jews that went quitely into the night.

Now we have always gotten into Jams and we have come out of the Obama is racist and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin or your race. it has to do with control and the first thing he has to do is control the media so you don’t know the truth Hitler had the Gastopo Obama has Acorn and the Unions but make no mistake its about silenceing the truth.

It makes me sick to know OBAMA was sworn in on Abes Bible he litteraly spit on it and all our Fore fathers stood for he is destrying the constitution one piece at a time the Bill of right And the Declaration of Independence

He also know the only ones that can stand are the Baby Boomers because we know History and not how they rewrote it so his health care is a genocide of the Baby Boomers also the crippled and the lame and the disabled.

So my question to you is how far down the scale are you goin to go before you stand  when you look at your kids look at the way they will have to live they will be looked down on by the Communist Regiem as Cattle  just to work for them and live like parisites of of your work so basically you are the slaves and they are the Master as long as they tax Tariff  and pass bill to keep you down and end Capitalism you will always look for crumbs.

There is a War a coming its not Blacks against Whites its Slavery verses Freedom and there will be Blood on our soil not by terriost but by the people for the people and that may instill fear in you but to live in fear is to be dead already.

As Gods People We Stand on Our Feet We Bow to know one and OBAMA is not my GOD

 I would advice people to wake up the government as we knew it is dead and the govenment we have now is past Socialism it is Communisim

People We Stand on Our Feet we Bow before no one and OBAMA is not my GOD