Well Mass. has suceeded in the double standards of Politics again.When it was  against their intrest they voted to have a special election when the Gop was in office because it was fair. Now the Govenor has said he was appointing a seat  for Kenndy maybe he can get the chair filled by on of the Family members of the ladies family he left to drown. All because the Dems want a Nazi Health care plan and its not about your health its about control. The Kenndys has owned a piece of the government for as long as I can remember. I would like to see that seat set in the out house.

The matter with these lifetime politicans are shown in the power they wield.

 The matter of afact that all these politicans want to leave their mark.

I have a suggestion for that,they need to make life size statues and they ought to judge how they did the ones they deem did good for America they should be put under a gazebo and the ones like Reed Poloski Dobbs and Franks Should be set out by the D.C. Sewer System and the rest that shit on us should be set outside for the birds to do the same to them.

There should be Two term Limits on the House,Congress and the Senate and let the run again after someone else has been seated.

The Americans need to start Petitons to pass laws to limit these Politicans to keep a lot of lobbist and special intrest groups at bay the people should remember the jerks were elected to serve us not us serve them get up America and Stand or Salute