Last Night's Debate and the USPS

As a Rick Perry supporter, I welcomed last nights pre-Rick debate as a final chance to see if the other candidates merit a closer look. And boy was there a lot to like. Between Gingrich’s common sense and ability to call stupid as it is, and Bachmann’s crystal clear support for life, there sure was a lot to like! I will still be sending rick a check, but it was nice to see that there are 6 good fallbacks (Huntsman and Paul do not qualify).

The part that made me so proud was to see all 6 Republicans in the debate say in no uncertain terms that they would walk away from a debt deal that offers $10 in spending cuts for $1 in tax increases. Kudos and Gulla. I had hoped that the moderators would ask about 100/1, and then 1000/1, and that all 6 hands would remain raised. And I saw something in the news today that perfectly illustrated why NO TAX INCREASES must be non-negotiable.

Obama wants to raise taxes. But, as usual, the liar in chief, is unwilling to honestly propose increases in marginal rates. Instead he wants to raise the postal tax above its current rate of 39 cents per letter. Make no mistake about it, this is a tax increase. And how do they try to get this through? Obama’s post office says it wants to fire 220,000 workers, an obvious attempt to con Congress into raising taxes through the USPS to “save” these “jobs.”

If we give inch inch of ground by raising taxes 1 cent, we send a message to the socialists in Congress and the White House who will see weakness and raise taxes by hook and by crook. So there cannot be any eliminations of tax breaks for homeowners, or letting tax cuts expire. There can be NO compromise.

I know that President Perry would never yield in this fight. And, after last night, I know that President Santorum, President Cain, President Gingrich, President Bachmann, President Pawlenty, and President Romney will do the same.