My Health Care Story

We hear so many health care horror stories that are filtered through the liberal media. I thought that I would share mine, well OK, its actually my sister’s.

At the age of 6, my niece was diagnosed with a rare firm of stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is rare in the United States, and very rare for such a young person. Dealing with the insurance companies was tough, some things were covered, and many others were not. My sister’s family eventually lost her coverage, and I doubt that my niece will ever be able to get health insurance. Her family is heavily in debt must rent instead of own a home.

So obviously, I must be advocating for the government to come in and make everything OK? Not at all.

You see, my niece pulled through. It was a close call and treatment options that came along in the past five years probably made the difference. Imagine if we had moved to socialism 20 years ago. Would the drug companies have ever had the incentive to develop that life saving medicine, I doubt it. Losing your home, and living with a financial debt that you will never be able to pay off is bad. Losing your child is worse. That is the choice that we conservatives understand. The more I see of Democrats, the more I realize that liberalism is nothing more than i) resentment towards Christianity, and ii) the inability to think more than one step ahead.