Who to support? -- The GOP field stinks

Pawlenty is out, so who do I support in the GOP primary?

(1)  the inexperienced demagogic Congressman who I agree with on all issues, but who will get destroyed in the general election;

(2) the former Al Gore campaign manager with a hair helmet who issued an executive order mandating all of the state’s 5th grade daughters to get STD vaccines;

(3) the former pro-choice RINO whose biggest accomplishment is a health care law requiring the purchase of health insurance, the forerunner to Obamacare;

(4) the cranky geezer who is great on economic issues, but is willfully ignorant about foreign dangers and happy to let Iran have nukes;

(5) the inexperienced, but humorous Congressman, with a good record except occasions of being a union shill, but who will get destroyed in the general election.

I don’t trust Perry, Romney, and Paul, and if I’m going to support a loser, I want to go down in style.  That is, to the tune of a stars and stripes lead guitar.

Thaddeus McCotter for President!! 


Seriously, the field is terrible.  The only thing that could make it worse is if quitter Palin got in. 

Maybe Steve Forbes will consider another shot.  I think I still have a t-shirt from 12 years ago.  Or Jeb, what’s he up to these days?