Bachmann is a right wing Obama - No experience, not prepared for the job

Slightly hyperbolic title, but I think it’s true.  Conservatives need to resist the temptation to vote for Bachmann.  She’s not ready to be president.  Take an honest look at her biography and compare it to Obama.  How can she claim to be more experienced than Obama was when he took office?

  • She was in practice as a lawyer for 4 or 5 years, but quit and never returned to practice.  (Like Obama was a “constitutional scholar” teaching part time classes at Chicago.)
  • After that, she worked more as an activist than anything, starting a charter school that got in trouble for religious materials (which I’m fine with, but as an attorney, she should have known it would be illegal), pro-life activism, and other conservative causes.  (Like Obama was a community organizer and worked for liberal causes.)
  • She had few legislative accomplishments as a state legislator, primarily working to change school curriculum and overturn a work readiness program and another expirimental educational programs.  (Compare to Obama’s rather undistinguished state senate career.)
  • She had essentially no legislative accomplishments in her time in Congress, gaining notoriety primarily for showing up on cable talk shows. (Compare to Obama’s 2 years of Senate mediocrity, and fame primarily from a convention speech.)
  • Finally, my favorite: She got some heat for belonging to a “controversial” church (pietist Lutherans!) and she bailed to join a baptist megachurch, refusing to defend her former church against inane media criticism. (Like Obama bailed on his church, though his church was controversial for political issues and not its interpretation of Revelation.)

While I agree with her on all issues, and especially appreciate her willingness to take on our corrupt banking system and the huge bailout they got, she has few accomplishments.  Where has she led?  Where has she taken a group of people and got them to work together to accomplish something?  Where has she championed an idea and forced it into the news, or gathered the public behind her?  

I criticized Obama heavily for these same issues, and now is not the time to try again with another inexperienced demagogue as president. 

I live in her district, and I’d be fine with her for governor, senator, Vice President, education secretary, commerce secretary, etc.  But not president.  She’s not ready yet.