Dear Establishment and Never Trumpers...

“The Watchmen”, (2009) directed by Zack Snyder.



That is my sentiment I have for you.  I will make you suffer the slings and arrows that you have cast, not only upon Trump, but all those that supported him.  Suffer for finally being in the position to ‘hold your nose and do what you’re told’ that you have preached to the base for most of my life, and yet magically unable to follow your own advice the ONE time you were asked to.  I will heckle you when you speak about empty ‘Principals’ and remind you that there were people that took action to improve not one side, but the entire country, but they were uncouth.  When the left comes for you, and they will, expect no shelter, you offered none.

You built this, I did not.


Now words for the choir:

I get it.  You’re pissed, rightfully so.  There has been talk of people leaving, or simply not voting and the like.  Do not do that.  That is what they want.  The Left, the Establishment, the Never Trump scolds, it would make their lives much easier and they won’t have to worry about your shabby clothes at their cocktail parties. Nothing would make that cadre of fellow travelers happier if your voice were to never be heard from again.  Because then they win.

Do not give them that.  Get involved.  Get involved in your local precincts. Get involved in the primaries.  Hell if you are capable, run yourself.  Put every slight over the years, all the rage that you may feel at this moment into the effort.  Do not let it become impotent.

“But voter fraud!”

That has to be addressed.  And it starts now (should have happened over the summer), it has to, with the people in local and state offices currently.  Call, organize, pressure, curse (politely), cajole for action to protect elections.  Live in a hopelessly blue district and or state?  If there is no GOP presence the preferable action would be to create one of course, maybe play the agent of chaos and work for the more moderate Democrat available.  I know, they are rare and untrustworthy, but you work with what you have and if you can make someone burn resources that is a win as well.

Most of all remember, you are not alone.  Their are millions upon millions out there.  They may not be your brand of conservative, but they are in your camp and you in theirs.  You are not alone, nor discarded.


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