And So It Begins...

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Not to be melodramatic, but I do happen to think this date will be remembered in history.  I don’t know exactly what for, or how exactly it will be taught, but I think that it will be considered the most consequential date of the first quarter of the 21st Century.  The results are nearly a lock, and barring some complete deus ex machina level intervention between now and Inauguration Day things are set.  Hell I am unsure if there is a mechanism to reverse course if there were bulletproof evidence that proves all the suspicions dropped in our collective laps tomorrow.

Be a hell of a fight to watch though.  Lots of billable hours in that one.

I’ve made my personal stance clear, I view Biden as the third and final coup executed against a duly elected President and I plan to conduct myself in that manner. And no, I’m not storming the Capitol, taking scalps and whatever else is in fashion this year.  I plan to do it by simply saying ‘No’.  That is my path, yours may be different, but indulge me a moment or two of your time.

To any in Georgia that may be reading, I have but one thing to say to you:

“Vote like a Democrat!  Early, often, and until we win.”

You may not like the two Rs sitting on the ticket.  You may not feel enthused, or even feel let down by the mixed response of members of the Republican party to the various challenges Trump has made.  I get it.  I also get what will happen if both of those seats go blue.  We do not want that.  It will be hard enough for Mitch to hold the line, when he is inclined to, with just one vote to give with the Sisters (Mitt, Collins, and Murkowski) to keep in line. Go in knowing there will be votes that are going to drive you insane for the next two years, there is no avoiding it but one must think of the big picture here.  Keep the Senate, and focus on the midterms.

As I said in my initial entry, hit those primaries.  Get involved in the local GOP goings-on, stay in the loop, vet those running in the primaries.  Be willing to make the tough calls of going as conservative as possible in the primary with an eye on the general.  Do not be afraid to tell incumbents that you are donating time, money, and giving your vote to their challengers if (when) they lose their spine and wish to get along.  Make them painfully aware that they do not have the base.

In a word, give them a reason to campaign, you know, earn the vote.

While I like Hahn’s thoughts, I think the best course of action is to subsume the body.

Oh yea, hit your state elected officials up hard and press for hard voting reforms.  Put them on the same notice.  “Do it or else you’re not getting out of the primary.”

A wise man once said “A brilliant man would find a way not to fight a war.”


Be brilliant.

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