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I will honestly say, I did not envision this being my first diary entry.  Foolish me, I thought it would be something else.  Some banal argument about something, or maybe me being contrarian it is hard to tell.  Doubly foolish thinking 2020 was the time to get frisky about outing my opinions.

Yet here I am, maybe tripling down on my foolishness, maybe not.

Post SCOTUS dodge of the Texas suit against the five swing states there is much to think about.  And I do not mean in the casual sense, “I think I will go with the steak rather than the chicken.” but in the “What now?  What is next?”

Some reading might know that I don’t claim the mantle of Republican nor Conservative.  I am loath to put myself in a box, and some of my outlooks are against the standard boiler plate of what it is to be a “True Conservative™”.  I do know I am much closer to, and where I differ I know I have honest opposition with which I can have a dialogue, than any other group.

So what next?

For one, vote, especially if you are in Georgia. If you say “What is the point?” or “They’ll sell us out anyway!”  I agree.  They may, and it may not.  Go on record, you stood here and you made your voice known.  If things go sideways, you have the cover of I did.  Small comfort, I know.

For the second, primaries.  Vet everyone.  We only have to look at NC at what not vetting a candidate properly gains you.  Cunningham could have won that race easily if the extra-marital affairs hadn’t come out.  And honestly, his damning bit was it was a case of deployment wife, with ‘I really support the troops…where is that flag to wrap myself in?”  No more McSallys, best candidate without regard to their ‘whatevers’.  For an example, I would support Grenell for House at least, I don’t care if he is gay.  I think most have gotten over it, but seriously this is something that seems to me the speed bump on the right.  We should be looking at who people are, rather than what.

Third, prepare.  Take it as you wish, you wouldn’t be wrong.  Lacking in savings? Improve.  Network, and this is probably the hardest because who to trust.  Learn a skill that might be handy.  If you have skills that are handy, think sideways.

I am certain that there are more, in fact I had others to add but I judged it possibly pushing some limits.  Plus, I have not settled all my own thoughts, so where would I get off to pontificating to others.

I opened with a media reference and I think I will close with one.

I aim to misbehave



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