Letter To The International Criminal Court Calling Upon It To Indict President Barack Obama, Former Attorney General Eric Holder And Head Of Department of Homeland Security For Unprecedented Crimes Against Humanity And Gross Abuse Of Human Rights

Attention: To All The Editorial and Reportorial
From: Mr. Chikeluba Kenechukwu (Journalist,
Political Writer, Political Activist, Christian
The 21st Century Christian
EnlightenmentMovement,The United States16420
Redwood Drive,Cerritos, Ca 90703USAPhone:
Explanatory Note
This press statement is a follow-up to previous
press statements andbooks that I authored and
sent to media houses across the world a
fewyears ago regarding comprehensive
constitutional reforms in the UnitedStates and
other nations that will restore the collapsed
moral and social order in the world. It may be
necessary to recall the short titles of some of
the bookswhich contain details of these
religious,constitutional, social, moral and
economic reforms. They include:
* Patriarchy Restored* Armageddon Prefigured*
The Distinctives of Evangelical
PatriarchalChristianity* The 21st Century
Reformation of The ChristianChurch* Nuclear
It may also be necessary to bring to recollection
a few relevantdetails about myself that I
provided in the press statements I sent tothe
American and world media a couple of years
ago.My name is Chikeluba Kenechukwu, and my
official birth date is 25 December, 1968. I am a
journalist, writer, ChristianActivist and Political
Activist, based in the United States. I have
worked as a reporter for the following media
* Reporter: The Daily Observer, The Gambia
(approximately from 1994-1996)
* Reporter: African Service, The Voice of
America, Gambia and Senegal(approximately
from 1996-2001). My editors at VOA,
Washingtonincluded: Mr. Barry Maugham, Mr.
William Eagle
* Reporter: African Service, The
BritishBroadcasting Corporation,Dakar-Senegal
(approximately from 1996-2001). My editors at
BBC,London included: Mr. Robin White, Mr.
Joseph Warungu, Mr. Ben DotseiMalor. I worked
under the pseudonym of Ogo Okpara for BBC
during mystint with them as their Dakar
* Reporter: Radio Netherlands, Dakar-Senegal
* Reporter: The Associated Press,Dakar-Senegal
(approximately from1998-2001). Some of the AP
staff I worked with include Ms. Ellen Knickmeyer,
and Mr. Tim Sullivan who was thenchief editor of
the West African regional headquarters of the
Unfortunately, due to some constraints the press
statements we have been sending may contain
some typographical errors.
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write-up might be emailed to you later.
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Thank you.
Chikeluba Kenechukwu
Complaint To The International Criminal Court: A
Complaint (Communication) To The International
Criminals Court Regarding The Crimes Against
Humanity, Torture and Gross Human Rights
Abuses Which Were Perpetrated Against The
Communicant, Mr. Chikeluba Kenechukwu, By
The President Of The United States of America
Mr. Barack Obama, The Secretary Of The
Department of Homeland Security Of The United
States Mr. Jeh Johnson And The Attorney
General Of The United States Mr Eric Holder Jr.,
And Administration of President Barack
Chikeluba Kenechukwu, a citizen of Nigeria
presently living in El Paso, Texas, United States.
My official birth date is 25 December 1968. I am
a journalist and writer by profession as well as a
political commentator, political activist and
Christian activist. As a journalist I have worked
for the following media organisations: — Reporter,
The Daily Observer Newspaper, The Gambia
(Approximately from 1994 or 1995-1996): One of
my editors at the Daily Observer was Ebrimah
Ceesay who can verify that I served as a
reporter for the newspaper. — Reporter, The
Voice of America, The Gambia (Approximately
from 1994 or 1995-1996): My editors and
producers at the Voice of America include Mr.
Barry Maughan, Mr. William Eagle and Mr. Joe de
Capua. — Reporter, Voice of America, Dakar-
Senegal (Approximately from 1996-2000) —
Reporter, the British Broadcasting Corporation
(Approximately from 1997-2001). I reported for
the BBC under the pseudonym or pen name of
Ogo Okpara (Okpara is my late mother’s maiden
name and Ogo is one of my given names). My
editors and producers at BBC headquarters, Bush
House, London include: Mr. Robin White, Editor,
Focus On Africa and Network Africa; Mr. Max
Bankole Jarrett; Mr. Ben Dotsei Malor; Ms.
Elizabeth Ohene (deputy editor, Deputy Editor in
the African Service for English Daily
Programmes, and later Minister of Information,
Ghana); Ms. Bola Mosuro (formerly Bola
Olufunwa) and Mr. Peter Lewenstein, Presently
Deputy Editor, BBC African Service. — Reporter,
The Associated Press, Dakar-Senegal
(approximately from 1998-2001). One of my
editors at the Associated Press was Mr. Tim
Sullivan, Bureau Chief of AP’s regional office in
Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire; Mr. Glenn McKenzie. —
Reporter, BridgeNews, a global financial news
agency (approximately 2000-2001). B.
mentioned above I am a journalist and writer as
well as a political commentator, political activist
and Christian activist. I am also what may be
termed a revolutionary activist in the sense that I
have been greatly activist in the cause to bring
about the revolutionary overthrow of the civilian
government of my native country Nigeria, the
American ruler President Barack Obama and
many other governments and rulers across the
world whose rule I believe has been imperiling
the world and threatening the continued survival
and wellbeing of the human race and the
foundational institutions that sustain and protect
them. In line with my activities as a journalist,
writer, political activist and commentator and
revolutionary activist since at least 2003-2004 I
have been producing multiple series of books,
articles and media statements through which I
have been relentlessly advocating for radical
constitutional, political, economic, social, moral
and other changes in the United States, my
native Nigeria and across the world. To publish
the books in which I called for these changes I
established a company called Zimakor
Communications Company LLC which had a
subsidiary called Mandate House
Publishers. Through Mandate House Publishers I
published the following series of books through
which I advocated these sweeping changes in
the United States and across the world: —
Armageddon Prefigured (almost 500 pages) ·
ISBN-10: 0-9793461-0-X·ISBN-13:
978-0-9793461-0-1 — Nuclear Armageddon (about
1200 pages) — Patriarchy Restored (at least 800
pages) — The God-Mandated Constitutional
Reforms For America And The World (about 220
pages) — The Judgement Of The Coughing
Plague On America and The World (over 1000
pages) ·ISBN-13: 978-0-9793461-6-3 — The 21st
Century Christian Reformation (about 650
pages) — The Judgment Of The 21st Century
Church (about 600 pages) — The Distinctives Of
Patriarchal Christianity (about 150 pages) —
Etc One of the most radical and controversial
calls I have been making through these books,
articles and media statements is the overthrow
of President Barack Obama by the armed forces
of the United States and the establishment of
what I call a temporary transitional military
administration that would undertake a
comprehensive constitutional, political and moral
reform of the United States to prevent the
lawless and traitorous rule of President Obama
from plunging it into irreversible decline, collapse
and balkanization. In my calls for the overthrow
of President Barack Obama and the
establishment of a transitional military
administration, I made it very clear that that the
transitional military administration would endure
for at the most 18-24 months to complete its
task of constitutional, political and moral
salvaging and restoration of the United States
after which it would hand back power to elected
civilian leaders under the reformed political and
constitutional system in the renewed
republic. Unknown to me, even while I was still
using my computers to write these books in
which I was calling for these radical changes in
the United States and worldwide I was placed
under surveillance by the national security,
intelligence and law enforcement services of the
United States. For instance, I once discovered a
bugging device placed to run through the
passenger door on the driver’s side on my old
station-wagon Volvo. I ripped it out. I believe the
state security operatives who were monitoring
me had observed that I used my daily commutes
to work and back home in my car (and also when
I was parked and sitting in it) to pray regarding
these constitutional, political and moral changes
I wanted effected in the United States and
worldwide as well as to record my ideas about
these radical reforms in a small voice recorder.
Therefore they placed the bugging device in my
car to be able to record my developing ideas on
these reforms. As a journalist who had had runs-
in with national security and law enforcement
agencies in Africa and had been placed under
surveillance by them because of my journalistic
work, I of course knew that the bugging device
had been put in my Volvo by the national
security and law enforcement agencies of the
United States. I knew they must have somehow
discovered the extremely controversial nature of
the contents of the several books I was writing
at that time and the audio files stored in my
computers in which I recorded my thoughts
regarding these radical changes, including
revolutionary change of government, I wanted
effected in the United States (and worldwide). I
was also aware of how the terror attacks on the
United States on September 11 2001 had
resulted in the installation of a massive and
pervasive surveillance system in America by the
government. I knew that as a result of the
blanketing of the United States with this
ubiquitous surveillance system that the United
States national security and law enforcement
agents had now a very powerful ability to sniff
out whatever they may deem to be a security
threat to the United States, such as my call for a
revolutionary change of government and the
installation of a temporary restorationist military
administration. Thus upon discovering that
physical bugging device placed in my Volvo car I
knew I was already, as they say, under the radar
of the national security and law enforcement
agencies of the United States. What I did not
know was how unbelievably sophisticated,
powerful and unescapable was their surveillance
system. I still had an antiquated notion of state
surveillance methods which in my mind then
consisted mostly of phone bugging or tapping
the cars and homes of the object of surveillance
or perhaps old-style monitoring of Internet
activity. I did not realize that the methods and
technologies of state surveillance had become
almost omniscient and omnipresent, infinitely
more powerful and ubiquitous than anything I
could have imagined back then. I did not know
that there were satellite and drone-mounted
video cameras so powerful they could literally
see through walls and monitor you every moment
of everyday regardless of where you were. I did
not know that I was already subject to such
relentless monitoring by such all-seeing and all-
hearing state surveillance systems and
technologies. I did not know that because of my
calls for the revolutionary overthrow of the
Obama administration that such powerful and
relentless tracking surveillance system were
being used by the Justice Department under the
headship of Attorney General Mr. Eric Holder and
the Department of Homeland Security under the
leadership of its Secretary Mr. Jeh Johnson to
track me and film video images of every moment
of my life, every single day. Discovering that the
national security and law enforcement agencies
of the United States were using such methods to
put me under constant video surveillance and
audio monitoring would not have come as a
great shock to me, though. And neither would I
have objected much to it. This is because as a
journalist I had already been subjected to
surveillance by the state, the Gambian
government, when I worked as a reporter for the
Daily Observer and the Voice of America in the
Gambia in the 1990s, and I knew it was standard
law enforcement practice worldwide for
governments to put under surveillance people
like me that advocate the kind of revolutionary
overthrow of government such as I was calling
for through the books I was writing and the
audio recordings I was compiling. I would also
not have much objected, if perceived to be a
security threat, to being subjected to surveillance
by state security services because of a
philosophical belief that one of the most
important roles of the state being the
maintenance of security every government has
the right and the duty, within the boundaries
delineated by the constitution and law, to subject
under surveillance persons properly deemed to
be a security threat to the nation. However what
terribly shocked, tortured and traumatized me
was discovering that the Justice Department
under the headship of Attorney General Eric
Holder and the Department of Homeland Security
under Mr. Jeh Johnson very possibly with the
collaboration of other entities including non-state
entities were feeding the video surveillance
images of me into the international public
internet — and that millions, tens of millions,
hundreds of millions of people in the United
States, all of North America, Latin America, Asia,
Europe and Africa were watching my every living
moment everyday on international public
crimes against humanity, torture and gross
human rights abuses perpetrated on me by
President Barack Obama, Attorney General Mr.
Eric Holder and Secretary of the Department of
Homeland Security Mr. Jeh Johnson are
unprecedented, have no precedent in history. And
in many aspects the unprecedented
dehumanization and degradation President
Obama and his administration subjected me to
has few parallels with respect to its
oppressiveness, evilness, maliciousness, cowardly
cruelty and craven vindictiveness. And in many
aspects in the annals of the modern world no
type of government of any ideological orientation
be it fascist, communist or otherwise perpetrated
crimes against humanity, torture, gross human
rights abuses of such unprecedented
heinousness such as were inflicted on me by
President Barack Obama and his administration
and with such total and utter contempt for the
constitution, brazen lawlessness, arrogant abuse
of governmental power and cowardly
impunity. The following facts buttress this. The
historically unprecedented nature of the crimes
against humanity, torture and gross human rights
abuses which President Obama and his
administration subjected me to is clearly
evidenced by the fact that for at least six years
running President Obama, Attorney General Eric
Holder and Department of Homeland Security
Secretary Jeh Johnson, in clear contravention of
the constitution and laws of the United States
which they swore to uphold and respect as
public servants and in clear breach of many
international laws and conventions including the
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and the Rome Statute of The International
Criminal Court instigated and/or permitted and/
or condoned and/or aided and abetted the
broadcast of extremely dehumanizing, degrading,
humiliating, traumatizing and torturous images of
my nakedness captured by sky-borne video
surveillance cameras controlled by national
security agencies under the Obama
administration such as the Justice Department
and the Department of Homeland Security in
collaboration with other entities including non-
state entities to tens of millions of people in the
United States and worldwide on public
international Internet. The extreme traumatism,
torturousness, oppressiveness, dehumanization
and degradation of the crimes against humanity,
torture and gross human rights abuses
perpetrated against me by President Obama and
his administration is evidenced by the fact that
these surveillance video images broadcast before
a massive American and worldwide audience
showed not just my nakedness but my full-frontal
nakedness — including the most degrading,
humiliating, torturous and dehumanizing
situations any human being could be subjected
to, being witnessed in full-frontal nakedness by
strangers, tens of millions of strangers urinating
naked, defecating and so forth. That total
deprivation of one of the most fundamental
rights of humans, the right to privacy and the
right to dignity, as anyone who has ever suffered
it, including the multitudes of tortured and
oppressed people under the murderous
communist Khmer Rouge regime of Cambodia
and the Nazis of Germany, is one of the most
shatteringly dehumanizing, traumatic, torturous
and degrading experiences a human being can
suffer. It is one of the most odious crimes
against humanity that can be inflicted on human
beings because it totally dehumanizes a human
being, it completely strips him of every
humanizing covering of his dignity and
bestializes him, reduces him to the level of a
beast before the watching audience — in my
case, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of
watching strangers. True, throughout history
crimes against humanity, torture and gross
human rights abuses such as were inflicted on
me by President Obama and his administration
have always been inflicted against people either
by governments or non-state individuals or
groups. But never in the recorded history of the
human race has anybody, under any type of
government, either in the ancient world or the
so-called modern one, been subjected to such
extremely dehumanizing, degrading, torturous
and traumatizing oppression before such a
massive audience, before such sheer numbers of
people running into tens of millions, hundreds of
millions as I was subjected to through the
deliberate and criminal dereliction of duty,
contempt of and trampling of the constitution
and laws of the United States, arrogant abuse of
power and cowardly impunity of President
Obama, his administration and high officials of it
such as Attorney General Eric Holder and
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh
Johnson. Another unprecedented and terribly
ominous aspect of these crimes against
humanity, torture and gross human rights abuses
perpetrated against me by President Obama and
his administration is the sheer wanton and
brazen nature of it, the unprecedented
constitutional contempt, brazen lawlessness,
arrogant abuse of governmental power and
cowardly impunity exhibited by President Obama,
his administration and the other named parties
— acts of unprecedented governmental brazen
lawlessness and impunity that if they were to
take root in the theatre of its atrocity, the United
States, and spread as governmental tradition
across the world would in the years, decades
and generations ahead result in some of the
most pitiless and cruel crimes against humanity
perpetrated by both state and non-state entities
against politically dissenting persons or groups
deemed to be vulnerable. For the warning lesson
that history has taught the human race over and
over again is that if by apathy or complacency
governmental oppression of any kind is permitted
by the world against any particular person or
group the culture of governmental impunity so
developed would inevitably lead to the universal
infliction of such governmental oppression, such
that anybody and everybody, and not just the
initially targeted individuals or groups, would now
becomeobjects of the governmental
oppression. The case of Nazi Germany under the
rule of Adolf Hitler is a warning example. The
Nazis started by targeting some particular
individuals and groups for oppression and then
ended by employing the dragnet of oppression
almost indiscriminately to reel in for holocaust,
genocide, crimes against humanity and torture
anybody or group they felt were vulnerable and
against their agenda, ideology or regime. Again,
the terrifying ominousness of the crimes against
humanity, torture and gross human rights abuses
perpetrated against me by President Obama and
his administration should serve as alarms of the
utmost concern to the world because of its
historical singularity and more especially
because of its fearful precedence-setting
power. Throughout history governments have
always subjected dissenters to oppression. But
up till the age of Internet technology and the
sadistic and brazen individual and mass
voyeurism that emerged as part of the dark side
of its culture, oppressive governments have
almost always taken great care to hide their
torture, crimes against humanity and human
rights abuses out of public gaze, under the dark
cover of dungeons, torture and interrogation
rooms or concentration and labor camps hidden
and located away from public gaze, knowledge
and scrutiny. They did this because of fear that
public knowledge of these crimes against
humanity may eventually be used to bring them
to justice, hold them to account, and inflict
consequences on them. The terribly frightening
thing that President Obama has achieved as the
44th president of the United States by instigating
or permitting or condoning these unprecedented
crimes against humanity, torture and gross
human rights abuses to be perpetrated against
me so brazenly, before the open public witness
of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of
people in America and worldwide via public
international Internet is that he has by this now
set a terrifying historical precedent, in the
Internet Civilization of the 21st century and
beyond, of governments openly and brazenly and
with impunity oppressing dissenters and
subjecting them to the cruelest tortures, abuses
and crimes against humanity before the open
witness and gaze of the entire world — as did the
blood-thirsty dictators of the Roman Empire with
their forcing dissenters and others to be mauled
by wild and savage animals before publics
numbering in the thousands in
amphitheaters. Why is this a most fearful
omen? Why is this one of the most fearfully
portentous and landmarking historical events in
the Internet Civilization of the 21st century and
beyond? It is so because it precedes, it signals,
it prefigures the advent of some of the most
oppressive and tyrannical governments the world
has ever known, governments that will be so
amoral, so bestially oppressive and predatory, so
contemptuous of the law and the rule of law
they will openly, brazenly and with total impunity
oppress dissenters by the few and by the
multitudes before the open, public witness of the
whole world, totally uncaring of consequences
because they believe there will be none, because
they fear none. Another greatly fearful aspect of
this precedent-setting event is that not only is it
fomenting the enabling environment for the
coming of some of the most brazenly and openly
oppressive governments this world has ever
known, it is also preparing the ground for the
emergence of some of the most sadistically
voyeuristic and cruel human populations the
earth has ever hosted, human populations that
will be so jaded — like the masses of ancient
Rome — by the routine use of humans as
dehumanized objects of bestial and degrading
sport and oppression, they would no longer be
bothered by the grossest and most evil acts of
crimes against humanity, torture and human
rights abuses perpetrated by both state and non-
state entities and persons. Evil things happen
and become universalized and normalized
because precedents are set for them, because a
foundation of precedents was laid for them. The
Nazis did not just suddenly start perpetrating
their campaign of holocaust and genocide that
massacred millions and unloosed the worst
crimes against humanity ever recorded. The
grounds for that unprecedented murderous
barbarity was laid in large part by the Nazi
regime becoming receptive to the renascent
ideology of eugenics, the killing and culling of
unwanted humanity from the general population,
and their practice of it in small experimental
doses. Particularized application then became
generalized application — and thus was born the
murderous barbarities of the holocaust and
associated genocides. Seemingly small and
particularized acts of state lawlessness and
tyranny eventually metastasized into
universalized unleashing of governmental
lawlessness and oppressiveness that increasingly
spared none and devoured indiscriminately. By
instigating and/or permitting and/or aiding and
abetting and/or condoning this unprecedented
crimes against humanity, torture and gross
human rights abuses perpetrated against me
before an American and worldwide audience
numbering in the tens of millions, hundreds of
millions President Barack Obama has firmly
secured and cemented his legacy as the 21st
century Nero — a ruler of such lawless
propensities that he serially and brazenly
trampled the constitution and laws of the nation
over which he was supposed to serve as its
primary upholder of the law and the rule of law
and cowardly and arrogantly abused power and
mobilized it not for establishing a law-ordered
society but to unleash a bestial civilization
undergirded by governmental lawlessness and
impunity and popular sadistic voyeurism. This
needs to be repeated again and again: What
President Obama and his lawless governmental
lieutenants have laid is a precedent and a
foundation for the greatest crimes against
humanity that will be committed not just in the
United States but across the world, if not
perhaps in the present and immediate future then
most certainly in later future. It will be copied. It
will be imitated widely across the world. It is not
a question of if his unprecedented acts of
governmental lawlessness — in using or
condoning the use of the most ubiquitous and
invasive technologies ever invented and used in
human history, the Internet allied with video
camera technology that can see through any
physical material, to relentlessly and
remorselessly track perceived political dissenters
and adversaries and instigating the masses by
the millions to collaborate with the state in that
sadistic and cowardly oppression and predation —
will be mimicked by governments in the future. It
is a question of when other governments in the
United States and across the world will begin to
imitate it, normalize it and universalize it. And
when that begins to happen the worst acts of
governmental lawlessness and oppressiveness in
the modern world if not for all of human history
will seem benign compared to the indescribable
cruelty and oppressiveness that will thenceforth
characterize governmental and popular
oppression of perceived enemies of state and
society. Thus the historical singularity of this
horrendous and terrifying precedent established
by President Obama and his lawless
administration must clearly be recognized. For in
so doing President Obama and his lawless
lieutenants such as Attorney General Eric Holder
and Secretary of the Department of Homeland
Security Jeh Johnson and others involved have
laid the foundation and created the enabling
precedent for the use of the Internet and allied
technologies, all-seeing and all-hearing
monitoring and tracking technologies, to be used
by both state and non-state entities in the United
States and across the world in the hounding,
hunting and oppression of what may turn out to
be millions of political and other dissenters in
the future. Giving this matter some thought
provokes terrible fears for its future ramifications
regarding human liberty. For since the beginning
of the state, the state-centered society, there
have always been dissenters to the state, and
the state have always sought to use its security
agents to seek to intimidate, oppress, hunt,
capture, incarcerate or liquidate
dissenters. Oftentimes the state may succeed in
these objectives. Oftentimes it may not succeed
and the dissenters may be able to elude the
tracking agents of the state and find safety and
a haven somewhere. And this ability of
dissenters to be able to evade the dragnet of the
tracking agents of the state was in large
measure facilitated by the relative right to
privacy and the ability to exercise it enjoyed by
the general population (even under the most
oppressive states and regimes), and the ability
which this right to privacy and the ability to
exercise it gave people to be able to harbor
dissenters on the run from the state. This is why
some dissenters against the state from early
human civilization to the times of the Roman
Empire under oppressive dictators such as Nero
and Caligula and more recent ones such as Idi
Amin of Uganda, the apartheid regime in South
Africa, the genocidal regimes of Hitler and the
Khmer Rouge were able to find refuge from the
tracking agents of the oppressive state and
people willing to afford that refuge. In other
words, it was the knowledge that although the
oppressive state may have a pervasive spy
network it still did not know everything, it still
could not track everybody, watch everybody,
listen in to everybody and know what everybody
was doing, that encouraged the kindest and most
courageous of members of society to run the
great risk of harboring political and other
dissenters that were on the run from the
state. And this is why many such courageous
and kind members of society were able to save
or harbor persecuted dissenters or persons or
groups such as the Christians that were
persecuted by Nero and hidden by selfless and
brave people or the many courageous and kind
people who hid persecuted Jews from the Nazis
in Germany and other nations. By setting this
precedent of instigating the entire mass of
society to collaborate with the oppressive state
by using skyborne all-seeing video cameras and
all-hearing eavesdropping audio monitoring
technology and the Internet to relentlessly track
political and other dissidents, President Obama
has effectively created a new model of state
oppression of dissidents — and worse, has also
patented and franchised to present and future
oppressive governments a dreadful new model of
state surveillance of dissidents that forces not
just some members of society but the entire
mass citizenry to collaborate with the oppressive
state in the tracking and hounding of dissidents,
and makes it prohibitively difficult for even the
most courageous and kindest of them to come
to their aid such as by hiding or provisioning
them. This is because when citizens of an
oppressive state know that all-seeing and all-
hearing tracking surveillance systems whose
video and audio are being broadcast to the entire
mass of society via the Internet are being used
by the state to hound and hunt a dissident, no
matter how just and beneficial to society the
cause of the dissident may be and how much
some citizens may want to succor him, they
cannot and will not for the simple fact that every
single living moment of the dissident is being
monitored and watched not just by the agents of
the oppressive state but also by the entire mass
of society, including many who may be
sympathetic to the oppressive state. This has a
fearfully powerful chilling effect on both would-be
just-cause dissidents, their potential
sympathisers and helpers in society and the
entire mass of the citizenry. When the full
influence of this new system of state
surveillance invented by the Obama
administration that fuses state monitoring with
mass-citizenry monitoring of dissidents begins to
bring to bear its effects in the future, one
extremely costly consequence of the resultant
chilling effect will be widescale self-censorship
by citizens and all sectors of society, a
pervasive, paralysing terror among the citizenry
of being witnessed by this all-seeing, all-hearing
and all-recording state surveillance system aiding
dissidents and suffering the terrible
consequences — and derivatively, the collapse of
basic liberties and rights and the cascading
collapse worldwide of freedom and free
societies. Due to the reality-television nature of
the six-year saga of the Obama administration
using this new Internet-based state surveillance
system to track me and subject me to every
crime against humanity, torture and abuse of
human rights imaginable, many who have been
caught up in the theatrical and voyeuristic
aspect of it all have not yet given much sober
thought to what all this portends for human
civilization, human freedom and dignity. Thus
explaining why many who may have the gift or
trained faculty of intellectually divining the future
from present trends may not yet have
comprehended or sufficiently comprehended the
fearfully portentous power of this new state-
cum-mass citizenry surveillance system invented
by President Obama and his administration, and
how it has effectively ushered in a new era of
world civilization that will be one of the most
oppressive and dehumanizing in all human
history. Many of them still have not understood
or adequately understood that the new
surveillance system invented by President
Obama and his administration as used on me has
effectively initiated the beginning of an era of
Internet-based system of government-cum-mass
citizenry tracking and hounding of dissidents that
will unfailingly be copied if not now then in the
future by many oppressive governments and their
allies in society. True that the potential to use
technologies such as the Internet, all-seeing
surveillance video cameras and so forth to
oppress dissidents and suppress opposition in
the ways invented by the Obama administration
in their surveillance of me was always intrinsic in
these technologies. But technology like every
tool is neutral, and can be used for good as for
evil, and the bent of the choice depends not on
technology but on the humans that use
them. And how humans use any tool such as
technology, whether as a force for promoting
good in society or evil is greatly revelatory of the
moral (or political) character of the users. That
President Obama for as long as six years
instigated or permitted or condoned the use of
this mix of technologies for extreme invasive
oppressiveness and dehumanization of a political
opponent of his administration is irrefutably
revelatory of his innate totalitarianism and
lawlessness — features which he will bequeath
as lasting legacies to the United States and the
world to the cost of freedom in multitudes of
nations across the world and the terrible
oppression of millions in the years and decades

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