HEY BARACK...a POLITICO post of mine

Hey, Barack..
you racked up 12 trillion of new debt to buy the 2012 election and fix all our problems the past 5 years…what happened?

Oh, then you put 85 billion a month of $$$ we do not have into the stock market to prop it up so the no recovery at all looks like a recovery…what u need to do is get real…freeze the budget 3 years and sort out priorities! Oh, no spine for that?

You lied about cutting the debt in half and told us a half dozen other bold lies.

Stop, just stop the arrogant lies.
Your naturally toxic socialist policies rot any nation…
what is it you do not understand about monster debt, huge gov-meant, wild borrowing and 10%+ real jobless being toxic? What is it?

Then you lied to socialize medicine…the known poison pill of nations.
Now its a daily hissy fit because people have had enough lies and no results, same ole demons and painful results…

Ditch Baseline Budgeting scam and do not raise the debt limit…
the overspending $$$ party is over.

Stop the lies!