Of course many more scandals are expected…how long can the pawn media change the loaded dirty diapers of the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism? How long?
The socialist apostles across the globe rot nations with their naturally toxic policies…they must use the 4 tactics of…bold lies, demons, smears and fantasy promises.   They cannot win an honest debate so they use the 4 tactics daily as needed…as the nation slowly rots these tactics (which have no ethical component to them) are used more and more.

Has anyone forgotten how OzBama won two races back when?
He had the court-sealed documents of his opponent leaked!
It was not on his superior policies.

He is master of the smooth bold reality-denying lie, the snide smear, the class warfare card and so on…look at the result of his policies…the data is awful…recoveries average 18 months, not 5 years!

The whole spectrum…monster debt/monster gov-meant growth/monster borrowing/monster printing of money/monster jobless/monster Food Stampers…is so ugly its historic, very historic BUT the pawn media and OzBama himself pretend the POTUS is not connected to his toxic actions or inactions, his ignoring of the basic laws of economics.

The real enemies of the stormtroopers of socialism are time and reality…they cannot defeat those two but spend their time rotting the nation and making demons and promises to fool millions of dimwitted voters.

Scandals?  LOL…
the more doors are opened the more will be found, the more bold lies/demons/5th amendment baloney will appear…if only we had a real press that challenged both parties daily…if only…that is the real scandal of our times…a national pawn press serving the utopian secular socialist democrat party..but for how much longer can they too boldly lie/spin and omit???

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