March 24th on “The Factor” clueless traditional pundits are giving the “possible” 2012 Republican candidates a cynical trashing!

Its absolutely disgusting to see those that tip-toed around the “inept do nothing vote present community organizer” for nearly a year now pretending they understand deeply the nature of the voters. Its tiresome to see the full anal exam and arrogant dismissal (especially of women candidates) by what can only be termed the “shy miss da boat crowd”.

All thinking voters know Slick Willie (the 30 year adulterer and gifted liar) Clinton lowered ANY moral bar for presidential candidates to the ground while Obama did the same for qualifications and management experience! Ozbama’s academic life was even sealed and birth certificate fuzzed up as no other candidate ever. Give us all a break!

Good grief, one party has this sky high media perfection standard while the other has none at all, zero, zip, nada.
I know distractions, lies and smears are the daily tools of the national socialist democrats but these non-lefty pseudo-visionaries
are AGAIN setting themselves up to be fools.

The 2012 issue is Obama, the recession, 14 trillion of debt, transparency, the monster of socialized medicine, staying in the real world, etc. Do you have to be a near saint to run against these outrages? I think Bozo the Clown could beat OzBama, especially if the kook media would stop changing his diapers and start asking the questions STILL on the minds of millions.