Some decaying socialist policy headlines late last November:

100,000+ march in Dublin over budget cuts…’Day of Reckoning’ Nears…Banks downgraded — one to junk bond status…
Portugal Denies Report on Bailout…Spain Bets on Budget Cuts…Next Debt Crisis ‘May Start in Washington’…

Thanks dems, thanks for the 14 trillion in American debt as you cut nothing, froze nothing as “blame ducks”…you had 2 years and even punted on a budget…then, of course, you call Repubs names in 2011 as they try to bring fiscal sanity back…same ole socialists.

Did I mention the socialists will scream we need new heavy taxes NOW because “its a budget crisis”? They light the fire and yell for water again. They will not scream for any meaningful freezes or cuts to the federal monster. Even on the state level these demented juveniles fail to understand money is limited…they live in in Oz. Reality is never a democrat option.

America is broke…but all you will see in 2011 are distractions, lies and smears by the demo-socialist Party that maxed our VISA, borrowed megabillions from the communist Chinese, then kept on spending, kept on promising, kept on lying, kept on pretending the basic laws of economics do not exist.

That is what makes modern liberalism (aka secular socialism) a mental disorder.
We thinking voters have to put up with their fawning lib media pawns and rowdy union borg pretending 2 and 2 is not 4 in America or Wisconsin or anywhere they broke the bank.

God, give us strength!