Recently examples of the “secular” in secular socialism have been bubbling up as a reminder that a nation rejecting basic morals is both disturbing and disgusting.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman’s obvious fornication pregnancy, the BYU fornication violation of (that near extinct item) an honor code and the continued 76% fornication families (fake families lacking commitment or vision) in the black community along with about 28% fornication families in other communities clearly indicates the family has decayed into shamelessness.

The secular socialists (aka liberal democrats) simply revel in the “fornication nation” which generally creates a long heavy dependency on the taxpayers (aka gov-meant). What Churches preach about now is beyond me. vHow can black “Churches” ignore fornication pregnancy which has destroyed their family unit? How can ALL “Churches” not put this on the “front burner” every month of the year?

I was told by the secular democrat media decades ago that “birth control” was the answer to “any fornication problems”.
What happened?

A great change in our modern post WW2 culture has been the willingness of women to simply fornicate, move in with a man or get pregnant. Where are the advantages in those? Is that the best so many modern women can do?

We should simply harken back to the days when “having shame and respect” was dominant. My opinion has been that the very first things modern liberalism (aka secular socialism) takes from any culture are shame and respect. We see that in media and schools. Missing those virtues we are mired in a cesspool where children are usually the ultimate victims having many “issues”.

Mention this festering national sore and what do you hear? “Who are you to judge” or “it happens”? The secular media hammers BYU for having an Honor Code. Hey, its a private religious school! Would we hear the same if a Cult of Allah school had a Sharia Code or would the fawning pawns in the media just roll over again? Well, crime happens and just because its a moral crime does not change a thing. How far do we have to look to see the “immorality epidemic” among our young?

No good has come to any “fornication nation” and none will for America.
The same secular media winking at or excusing rampant cheap fornication assured us back when that “divorce does no long term damage to kids”. Then, as the decades eased by, studies (not celebrated) showed many kids do indeed suffer due to parental divorce for many years afterward.

Forrest Gump had it right, “stupid is…as stupid does”.
Fornication is dumb, shacking up is dumb and pretending its not a big deal is dumb.
Moral matter, character counts