American politics has devolved into one Party (democrat) having government as its god with at least 12 archangels (taxes, abortion, debt, victim worship, socialism, national guilt, class warfare, secularism, regulation, distractions, lies and smears).

The voters gave OUR pocketbook to democrats in 2007 and after just four years America is 14+ trillion in debt!
This alone should suffice to jar the most “moderate” voter but we also got near zip for all the spending of OUR money.
The U6 number which includes those wanting a f. t. job, not finding a job or giving up looking is now above 17% by charitable estimates. That is 2x the 2006 figure. Blame shifting and denial do not change that.

Now those same democrats who (over) maxed our VISA are assembling the obligatory “rent a mobs” of unions or just kooks to put on a crybaby show against near about all non-military spending cuts to the monster federal budget. Does your head hurt yet? Is it spinning in disbelief?

Those awesome wonderful taxpayer-supported “growing government agenda arms” like NEA, NPR, ETV, Planned Parenthood, yada yada yada are so incredibly wonderful that they cannot support themselves privately, go figure that logic.
The ineffective Head Start babysitting service for minority votes and the bloated invasive Dept. of Education itself are considered holy but in reality simply tax money eaters (soon expected to get “mobs on demand” to continue charging our maxed VISA billions). Any opposition “hates kids”, right? Its all so tiresome.

The parade of victims, the games with figures and the smears of those wanting simple efficiency or explanations of where the money went or the results is so very very tiresome. Does anyone remember around 1970 when a certain group (Nader’s I think) went into D. C. federal buildings about 10am and just opened door after door? They found many quiet empty offices and even some with highly paid employees fast asleep on their desk. Ever hear of a fired federal employee? Why are they exempt from Oz-Care? Would you like 4-12% annual budget increases just for existing? Did I mention over 200,000 federal employees were added last year?

America is broke.
Stop the distractions, lies and smears.
The democrat secular socialist experiment has failed like it has word wide.
When will the democrats of America own up to reality?
For God’s sake, if not now, when?