OzCare: Un-american...repeal, replace

The Republicans plan a REPLACEMENT that addresses the main long-time voter concerns:

1…portability job2job
2…shopping for HC across state lines (like for cars)
3…a ceiling on lawsuits (like Texas)
4…pre-existing conditions must be covered
5…kids coverage raised to age 25-26

The rest of that un-american socialized toxic scheme should be flushed and hopefully will be or at least on BHO’s desk, let him run on Oz-care, arrogant secrecy, special exemptions, laws on gold, hidden taxes galore, over 120 new boards/panels, 16,000 new IRS agents plus huge cost jumps!
The whole concept of Oz-care is dangerous and wrong to any thinking voter.
The big taxes kick in after 2012 of course in Oz-care.

Just ask yourself one question…”if Oz-care is so wonderfully worthy…
WHY are congress, federal workers, 50 unions and over 200 businesses EXEMPT from all or part?”
Nobody should be exempt! What is your gut feeling being in the non-exempt group once AGAIN?
That is wrong on its face too…millions see that scam using common sense alone.

A gov-meant that can mandate you buy A product will soon realize it can mandate that you buy ANY product.
Does anyone really think mandates to buy light bulbs, cars and so on will be ignored by the control freaks in the federal gov-meant?