A History Channel offering this week I happened to see was…
“Third Reich, The Rise” 1932-38 then…”Third Reich, The Fall”…(100% actual home movies made then)
“The Rise” was most interesting to say the least…and I have read many books on Nazi Germany…
Hitler got 37% of the vote and lost for Chancellor but managed shortly afterward to take all power.
Amazing how in under 2 years they lost ALL freedoms…ALL.
The Nazis specialized in accusing others of what they were doing or just plain lying daily for political power over people…fancy that!
Nazis removed “No Jew” signs for 2 weeks for the 1936 Olympics and even sold foreign newspapers to scam the lazy media…
TIME mag had Hitler as Man of the Year…failing to do their homework as usual…sound familiar?
Since then its been Castro, Mao…and other thug dictators lauded by democrat publishers…so what has changed?
Small children were taught (by teachers) how evil jews were…just like Palestinians teach theirs now…
and maybe some moslem countries/ worldwide mosques too, so what has changed?
Nazis had adjacent but separate boy/girl teen summer camps where they had the nude teens swim together at the end of most days…
35/48 girls PG on purpose in just one camp…
parents had no say on morals of it…or would be reported to the Gestapo (aka a government arm)…
sort of like modern democrats (abortion, condom on cucumbers in schools, crucifix in jar of urine for starters)…
the unwed mothers were praised as “Hiter’s Maidens”…
sort of like modern dems giving teens all these new “body/privacy” rights versus parents, so what has changed?
Seems a version of normalizing fornication families (so beloved for their vote) by modern democrats, so what has changed?
Little did we know the Nazis “culturally/morally normalized” the “single parent family” by 1938!
The Germans traded feedom for “security” while Hitler made up scapegoats…to “save Germans from themselves”…
sort of like modern democrats with their constant doomsdays the voters must be “saved from”, so what has changed?
Just finding a non-military issued gun on your property could easily be cause for a trip to the concentration camp…
no bitter clingers allowed, so what has changed?
Of course Nazis (national secular socialists) sterilized homosexuals and anyone deemed “unfit” to reproduce….
modern democrats (secular socialists) would do the same with other undesired “groups” if allowed….
Planned Parenthood would be right at home helping as usual, do you doubt that?.
Maybe the Nazis didn’t “read bills” or “allow votes” either, just saying.