A most irritating “below the radar” issue is the voting by congress. We send them to congress to vote.
We do not send them to be absent, to vote present or to refuse to vote.

Most every bill has a few of the congressional royalty that do not vote on it. Maybe that means little to you but I am enraged.

Maybe if there was a 10% salary reduction for those gutless folks in congress that somehow “did not vote” we would get
some action. Maybe they were on travel jaunts (on our VISA of course) while the bill was voted on…maybe they simply lacked backbone to go on the record. I don’t care, excuses don’t feed the bulldog. You are paid to vote.

Take a few minutes sometime to check on the voting record (that awful reality) and Fax your royalty in a blunt way.

Now the Senate weasel, Harry Reid, is doing all he can to “prevent a vote” on the repeal of socialized medicine.
The people thought they sent a clear message last November to address OHC repeal and reduce gov-meant spending.
Reid (aka the cowardly liar) is terrified (yes, terrified) that the repeal may squeak by and then Obama will have to go on the record (how nasty) for all to see come 2012.

I thought voting was the heart of politics. Voters were not allowed to read a trillion dollar bill and now the Senate is not going to be allowed to vote on a trillion dollar bill? You figure that one.

What is wrong with letting the folks we sent to congress VOTE?