To have any solid chance at bringing fiscal or cultural sanity to America the congressional Republicans must…

1…Realize Barack Obama has not been and will not be totally honest.
2…Realize the congressional democrats (aka secular socialists) have not been and will not be totally honest.

3…Realize the media pawns have not been and will never be friends of conservatives or conservatism.
4…Realize the administration and its cronies will again “lie and cry” issue after issue incessantly.

5…Realize simple visual aids plus common sense must be used almost daily to avoid distractions by the socialist Borg.
6…Realize the voters spoke loudly last November and talk directly to them as often as possible as to what/why/how.

7…Realize freezes are not cuts and cuts to “baseline budgets” are not really cuts.
8…Realize voters want million, billion and megabillion dollar cuts along with deleting entire obsolete agencies, etc.

9…Realize radio, art and abortion providers are not beloved taxpayer spending.
10.Realize the democrats have no moral or ethical boundaries as you deal with them (was 2010 enough to learn that?)

11.Realize America is broke and owes trillions to communist China.
12.Realize about 40% of wage earners wrongly pay no income tax (no kin in the game!)

13.Realize America has the 2nd highest corporate business rate in the developed world and it hurts.
14.Realize socialized medicine has never worked for any nation and its cost is astronomical.

15.Realize much of socialism can simply be de-funded.
16.Realize Obama and/or Reid must be made to veto as many bills as possible…let voters decide who was right in 2012.

17.Realize the constitution is paramount and November 2012 is your deadline for implementation.
18.Realize you must avoid all the deliberate distractions and communicate only on the main issues facing America.

19.Realize you are there to roll back / defeat all the kooky dangerous secular socialist policies of the last 4 years.
20.Realize there is no sin in faxing/e mailing “talking points” or rebuttals often to clarify lies and smears.