After watching hundreds of hours of TV programs in 2010 I have learned:

1…If an actor is wearing a cross, he or she is the villain or a sicko about 90% of the time
2…If an actor is a minority the chances of being a noble or misunderstood victim are about 90%
3…If an actor is a non-minority male his chances of being a criminal (despite crime stats) are about 90%
4…If an actor is a single female her chances of being a noble misunderstood abused saint are about 90%
5…If an actor portrays a homosexual his/her chances of being anything but wrong, criminal or sicko are about 90%
6…If an actor portrays a member of a clergy the chances of being at least wrong and biased are about 90%
7…If an actor is/was happily married the male chance of being a dufus or worse is about 90%
8…If there is a family (intact or not) the chances of child disrespect and profanity are about 90%
9…If the actor is an immoral teen the chances of framing that as “not their bad” is about 90%
10..If the plot involves a moslem the chances of he/she being shamed or wrong is about 10%
11..If adultery is not in the plot then fornication will be about 90% of the time (as expected behavior of course)
12..If its a cartoonish comedy the married non-minority husband can barely tie his shoes about 90% of the time
13..If the plot involves conservatives, an intact family, prayer or strong parental morality (a spine) those will eventually be trashed about 90% of the time.
14..The vast majority of under 25 boys appear very girlish (unless the baddy) and the women lead police charges,
go figure.
15..If a viewer looks for “the least likely in the real world” they will find it about 90% of the time
16..If a viewer thinks just a tad they realize Hollyweird culture rot is peddled as if its some higher desired norm.
17..If the TV of 1960 and the TV of 2010 were side-by-side we know 100% of the time which prefers secular fantasy plus profanity and which can be viewed for decades by all ages.

If you watch TV in 2010 you can easily realize the (liberal/secular socialist) agenda and the systematic daily attempts to do far more than educate or entertain. Repetition does not mean validation or truth.

Just keep in mind its all on purpose and you have choices.