If I had only one video to educate voters about the unintended consequences when the slimy political elites fail to do their research or lie or both its >>>>>> “POLITICIANS TOP TEN PROMISES GONE WRONG” BY JOHN STOSSEL

Minimum wage, OzBama and exemptions, cash for clunkers, alpacas, free golf carts, $50 billion in ethanol subsidies of $1.78 a gallon so food prices surge, the housing bubble w/Fannie/Freddie/diversity, thousands of programs needing elimination and so on…boondoggles live a very long life….on your taxes.

The broke federal gov-meant continues to spend borrowed money on YOUR VISA as the elites distract, lie and smear their way to personal power or wealth.
Will 2011 finally place the spotlight on the mega billions of waste or will the political elites continue to get away with it?