The same Bush tax “cuts” angrily blamed for the recession by the dems are now being called wonderful for the economy by demo-socialists like Durbin! Its amazing.
The dems could have done real tax cuts for the last 2 years but instead stacked trillions more of debt on us and told us jobless checks were good economic growth tools…lol. Who do they think they are fooling?

Now Obama is some sort of media hero because he finally at least agreed with Repubs NOT to raise taxes?
He could have been more of a real hero by stopping that trillion dollar (debt) pity party Reid tried on day 1…but nooo.
He surely must be a liberal hero for getting the (hush money welfare) jobless checks to sooth those millions awhile.

Tell us again that modern liberalism (aka secular socialism) is not a mental disorder. Go ahead, tell us.