No matter how smoothly and boldly the toxic secular socialism is sold…its still the historical demise of any nation.
The ironic part is the Castro-ites that push this known poison on America always want to be Fidel and never his subjects.
What country is their model? Anyone ever ask them?

Now we have a crew of Castro-ites that in 2 years stopped an economy in its tracks and jacked the U6 jobless number to 16% while amazingly blaming others. The national socialists learned nothing from Jimmah Carter either. Now, after happily plunging Americans 13 trillion into debt they are screaming “fiscal crisis, we need taxes”. Notice they never do much as far as the monster federal government that hired 250k new highly paid unionized folks that will mostly vote to keep the monster fat. Not a word about the federal “baseline budgeting” system that adds 4-12% regardless of need or efficiency. Does your company do that?

History should teach thinking voters that virtually every large gov-meant program ends up being 3-9x “the selling price” to voters. OzBama Care cannot and will not be an exception. Of course, those swearing transparency rushed it thru and those paying were not allowed to even read it.

Despite being hammered in a record loss the last election, the national socialists still maintain their “policies were not rejected”! They still maintain “Americans demand or deserve” this or that new socialist proposal. They never “get the memo” no matter how many elections they get creamed. They must be sent home!

Such is that evil slimy beast socialism which MUST always be (and always has been) pushed by distractions, lies and smears.