Let’s list some reasons many national socialists (aka democrats) are upset with the “Tax Deal”:

1…Compromise is a one way street, democrats should never give an inch.
2…Election results should be ignored even when democrats are in power and get hammered.

3…Class warfare is a democrat cornerstone so never ever treat all American taxpayers the same.
4…Democrats must have the new tax money from a hike to CTA after the trillions they recently borrowed then spent.

5…Economic laws are for everyone but the democrats (which dems must ignore or deny).
6…Robbing the dead and his/her family using the Death Tax is too precious a sacrament to ever reduce or eliminate.

7…Any Republican idea must be evil anti-socialist baloney on its face.
8…If any Republican idea works the democrats will surely be asked…why?

9…Its all about gov-meant income, not the working voters.
10.Time is running out for democrats to explain away that 13 trillion dollar albatross before the next election.

11.The national democrats have been radicalized and beholden to kooky America haters and thug unions who torment them.
12.The dimwitted lib-media pawns will give them no peace for months.

Isn’t it ironic that Obama gives a mere inch while borrowing more mega-billions in hush money for the jobless and only agreeing to a mere 2 years of the same tax rates for Americans but the kooks are off the wall upset!
The kooks want their Cuban Model America and they want it now.
Imagine how upset they will be by the summer when their god (da gov-meant) gets pruned back…lol.

I myself hate the Tax Deal because it has more borrowing for a bankrupt nation plus its all too short term for confidence.