Its being re-played today (12-1) on media this looney Pelosi quote, “unemployment benefits create jobs and do not add to the deficit”.
If that were true why should most people work in the first place? (Hint: taxes/goods/services needed also)
What is the ratio here? If they double jobless checks can we expect 10% more jobs?
If this is not the dumbest thing said up there all year in the “dem0-dimwit bubble” of Washington…just what is?

How does borrowing more billions from the Chinese to pay jobless people create jobs?
The jobless are not creating wealth for sure. Okay, stop laughing, she means for you to mindlessly nod.

How does more borrowing by a broke America plus spending the money needed to get the checks to the jobless not increase our 13 trillion dollar debt? Okay, stop laughing, she means for you to mindlessly nod.

Flash: The gov-meant does not create wealth, private industry does!
Flash: Democrats, stop borrowing and spending billions as the “blame duck” tone deaf congress!

History clearly shows tax cuts plus reducing gov-meant spending and business burdens create wealth, over and over.

Did I mention modern democrats are never reality-based? They are OzLand secular socialists to the core.
All they have are distractions, lies and smears to sell their wrongheaded toxic policies. Brace yourself.