Just when the democrats (aka secular socialists) have the perfect opportunity to show America they have changed, upgraded their Party, they can have standards of conduct, they can lead by example…they completely blow it.

Here we had a 50 year hawg (Rangel) at the publik trough (becoming quite wealthy) that was up on 13 charges (13), he whines like a baby and tries to charm his way to postponement by a solo pity party after 2 years of knowing this day would come…then gets a slap on the wrist from those noble “swamp drainers” in the House.

Now tell us again why American voters polled the 2007-2010 democrat congress under 20% approval…go ahead, tell us.

At least now the dem0-socialists are on the 2012 record just as they will be forced to “go on the 2012 record” as many bills to restore fiscal sanity to a nation 13 trillion in debt are placed before them next year.

Wanna bet the dem0-socialists got the voter message on spending and gov-meant size?
My bookie says, “no way”. The OzLanders remain in Oz until we again flush the democrat congressional toilet in 2012.
In the meantime we will be subjected to distractions, lies and smears. Gird your loins!