Okay, the election smoke has cleared and the air is vibrating with “fiscal reform”.
The real worries to many like myself is the boldness required will be neutered by the “in crowd”, the demo-socialists and OzBama agents.

This baloney Debt Panel seems to distract and deflect some IMMEDIATE concerns.
So what would a “BOLD” reform-minded new House do.

IMHO these need attention in 2011:

1…A freeze of the total federal budget at 2008 levels.
2…A 10% income tax cut across the board plus keeping the cuts due to expire.

3…A forensic audit of Fannie and Freddie. (made public in full before 2012)
4…A law limiting future “czars” to 2 per presidential term by majority vote of BOTH houses.

5…Permanent elimination of capital gains and inheritance taxes in 2011.
6…Repeal of OzBama Care sent to the Senate monthly this spring.

7…Defunding of PBS, NPR, NEA and Planned Parenthood from the tax trough in 2012.
8…A forensic audit of the Federal Reserve. (made public in full before 2012)

9…A reduction of the Dept. of Education budget by 50% in 2012.
10.A Balanced Budget Bill effective 2012.

11.A reduction of the 126% EPA budget gain in the last 2 years by 120%.
12.The sunsetting of as many federal agencies as possible…just 15 would be a great start.

13.A private Social Security option (50% of worker share) for those born before 1965.
14.A total income Flat Tax of 15% for all worker over age 20 starting in 2012.

15.A bill physically sealing our southern border with mass deportation of illegal aliens in spring 2011.
16.Health Care Plan shopping nationwide with Texas Model liability limits bill in early spring 2011.

17.A freeze on all federal employee raises…that includes congress…until 2015.
18.A bill the mandates all bills that can apply to federal employees must apply effective before 2012.

19.Welfare payments reduced by half after the 1st childbirth for unmarried applicants (effective before 2012).
20.A forensic audit of any union leadership that contributes to federal candidates. (made public in full before 2012)

I know you have ten more but its a START…
beware the distractions, the lies, the demonizing and the rope-a-dope by all the low life that put America 13 trillion in debt while reducing our paychecks and freedoms.
Stay upset and near your Fax machine because the ball is only on the tee.