Here we are, its November 3, 2010 and American voters have send a howling scream to the democrat congress and the radical socialist Obama. The “do nothing” Republicans, the “Party of no” gained at least a historic 63 seats in the United States congress and closed the Senate gap to 3 seats plus the dem0-socialists lost 8 governorships and 17 state legislatures (nearly 500 seats nationwide). Illinois, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin even dumped their demo-socialist traditions also.
The trillion dollar questions are two. Will the most radical socialist President realize secular socialism does not fit America and voters are not happy with a mega debt, a monster federal gov-meant and arrogant blame-shifting while he boldly lies as if voters are in kindergarten?

The other question, as important, is will the Republicans now ignore the coming constant biased media and pass bills like a balanced budget (as Senate-elect Rand Paul said he would introduce) freezes, cuts, waste finding, fraud reducing, consolidations, defunding nationalized health care, sealing the border and political transparency along with blocking any Reid bills in the Senate or quickly forget voter demands?

Sadly, California and Nevada will continue to be mired in the failed policies of secular socialism.

The key wild card remains the attitude of an arrogant bold liar steeped in secular socialism for decades. Barack H. Obama II must leave Oz and join thinking Americans to save this country. America rejected HIS policies and rejected the results of his huge expensive bills voters were not even allowed to read. Demo-socialist candidates ran from him in droves and some even won that way. Who ran on 13 trillion in debt and nationalized health care? Nobody. What does that tell you?
The disturbing reality is Obama has never had to face reality or compromise. If you thought you saw an arrogant self-loving radical before its at least even money you could be seeing the same ole failed Obama-isms in 2011. True believers in secular socialism simply double down or change tactics.

“Ignore what is said, watch what is done “…is still my favorite political saying. Call me in June.