DISS AND DATT 11.3.2012

The media will lie daily all of 2011 that voters want compromise…of course, Dems refused to do that and got the usual media pass.
The more bills Reid and/or Obama reject in 2011…the bigger the 2012 losses for the demo-socialist party will be.
We could have a “lame duck congress’ and a “blame duck” president for a few weeks….its gonna be interesting.
Seven areas quickly come to mind: O-care, balance the budget, sealing the border, freeze gov-meant hiring, stopping all kook federal judge nominees, keeping the tax cuts and routing out corrupt congressional lifers like Frank (Did I mention F & F lost over 4 billion of your taxes the last quarter?)
Protesting will again become the approved rage as well as victim worship interviews on the biased media.
One or two Republican leaders will be the new demons (like Gingrich was) while dems will be the loyal opposition to the lame media.
Obama will continue to shift blame from his policies or be in denial while creating demons for 2012.
The lib-media will again be the demo-stooges setting impossible achievement levels for Repubs so they can hammer them.
The House Repubs had better have a “quick strike force” to handle the torrent of distractions, lies and smears coming their way in 2011.
Once again talk radio, the FNC and the Web will be the only hopes for “getting the whole story” about politics in America.
Voters will continue to be enraged as the dems and their media stooges completely distort reality…its how they roll.

Obama is on TV now explaining “what Americans told him” BUT HE failed to do ALL of those things the first 2 years…amazing baloney!
All the same crapola of lofty yack yack. This should tell any thinking voter he plans NO change from his radical secular socialist agenda.
Can he ever accept reality?