There are many cute and fuzzy names for the last few decades of Democrat Party “principles”. The actual factual as close as you can get to it description of their huge gov-meant, higher and higher taxes plus secularizing of the nation is SECULAR SOCIALISM. This was the political path of Castro and now Chavez to name a couple of ruthless thugs with “all the answers” on the “utopia quiz”. Now the national democrats prefer the mythical term “progressive” as if secular socialism ever caused any nation to “progress”. Ask the Miami cubans about how “progressive” Cuba is now.
In order to “sell fire to a scarecrow” the national democrats must (they have no choice) sell their secular socialism “fire” to the scarecrows (voters) using distractions. lies and smears. They simply cannot sell this toxic philosophy on its merits. This is why you hear them change the subject whenever a serious question is asked. This is why they run from microphones and belittle inquiring voters. They have no choice. The true nature of “fire” can never be revealed to the “scarecrow”. You see this almost daily year after year. Its some demon, its some smear, its some bold lie, its some unspecified “special interest” and so on. They simply rope-a-dope around until the buzzer goes off.
Many democrats are so terrified of actually having to defend secular socialism they will not go on Fox News. Imagine a political figure so cowardly insecure they tremble at questions or meltdown at follow-up questions. Does that seem the least bit sane to a thinking voter? Is it logical? Would you vote for that person? Keep in mind secular socialism is not logical and has failed in country after country.
Demo-liberals are also terrified of logic, of historical fact and any fair debate. You can put all the economic facts on the table and its matters not.
Their religion is secular socialism. The democrat commandments are:
Thou shalt not defend secular socialism but always attack. Thou shall treat minorities as helpless dolts and take them to the polls with orders to vote for my Party. Thou shall consider voters junior high dropouts. Thou shall ignore the basic laws of economics. Thou shall blame America first. Thou shall manipulate media to avoid real fact-checking. Thou shall pretend tax cuts cost but illegal immigration pays. Thou shall mock people of faith. Thou shall hide the content of bills and their true costs from voters. Thou shall find demons to blame to cover the results of policies. Thou shall speak vaguely and boldly pontificate. Thou shall always accuse the “other Party” of what we are doing or have done for years without scrutiny. Thou shall have no ethical or moral boundaries when dealing with those challenging secular socialism.

Thou shall impose many laws but exempt ourselves and donating groups. Thou shall always divide Americans into subgroups and play them against one another to empower my Party. Thou shall create dependency and stifle freedom to empower the government.

Who do they think they are fooling with this dimwit playbook?
What can lose big November 2, 2010 is actually a nation killer called secular socialism.