Okay, history says the ruling political Party loses seats in the midterm elections. This year, virtually a hundred polls indicate the democrats (aka secular socialists) will lose many many more seats than the historical average. You can tell this undercurrent because the democrats are pulling out all the stops and using more then their usual distractions from issues.
The media are on the “help liberalism train” daily by finding creative but nonsensical ways to blame the Republicans who are vastly outnumbered in congress and cannot stop a single bill, go figure the “objective press”.
The real migraine is near. Its when the socialist policies, the wimpy foreign policy, the wild overspending and the arrogance result in, say, 70-90 lost congressional seats. The fawning media and the democrats will immediately release the deluge of false excuses (aka lies) such as: the message did not get out, the voters are uninformed, the Republicans distorted their message, the voters were childishly impatient plus a few off the wall plots to harm J. Carter Obama. It will make any thinking voter mad.
We must all understand the secular socialists (aka national democrats) are not logic-based or even rational. The modern democrats are simply arrogant confident true believers in secular socialism. How they get that Cuban-like state of their national heaven is of no importance to them.
Huge gov-meant, higher taxes and secular values cannot be defended so what is a national democrat to do?
They simply ignore the fact their policies have never worked and boldly plod on with distractions, lies and smears.