So many political things depend upon the guts to put the verifiable historic truth on the table, not falling for distractions and repeating YOUR principles (smaller govt, lower taxes, traditional family values)…plus revealing democrat VOTING RECORDS without blinking.
That is it in the nutshell.

This approach must be daily w/o losing focus as democrats present distractions to fill debate time and smother
the possibility of truth energing (like their long record of over spending, over taxing, over regulating, hiring 250K new govt workers since Obama, doubling the jobless rate, fawning before muslims and dissing American traditions…actually secular socialism).
They naturally topic-shift, blame-shift or simply lie daily to avoid any real discussion of THEIR RECORD.

Even FNC usually lets democrats put forth time-filling rope-a-dope distractions and smears w/o much challenge…there should be a fog horn that can be used when a democrat gets off defending their record! Of course, democrats being genetic cowards, often refuse to show even on FNC because defending secular socialism is like selling fire to a scarecrow. The scarecrow’s inquiries must be tightly controlled.
That is why J. Carter Obama has so very few OPEN press conferences. Democrats are cowards first but control freaks a close second.

The questions remains, why are the democrat principles of a growing federal gov-meant, higher taxes and secular values best for America? Well, why? Never stop asking democrats that question. Never ever stop.