Here we go again with a liberal (aka secular socialist) administration failing miserably to manage the American economy.
They never learned a thing from Jimmah “21% interest rates” Carter.
The arrogant smiling socialist lefties can always campaign with lofty utopian promises and effortlessly smear, its how they roll.

Their Party has controlled America’s purse strings since January 2007. What’s all this late summer tension about?
Biden is still crowing how “we have turned the corner”…who is he kidding? Not one shred of evidence supports that bold lie.

This democrat disbelief has three faces. The 1st face is this cadre of kooks never had any real working world experience.
The 2nd face: this gaggle of radicals was taught by angry arrogant socialists their entire life that secular socialism was superior to anything else…
they are true believers now in denial, confusion yada yada…hence the bold in your face lying continues.
The 3rd face: the current crop of Alinsky-ites or Castro-ites totally rejects what actually happened under Carter and Reagan.
(Its like telling a 5 year old there is no Santa…the modern democrat has been saturated by college radicals, grad school hype and social buddies to believe in exactly what Obama has signed the past 18 months or so…to believe IT MUST WORK)

Obama’s “huddle of the clueless” spun economic history in their minds for many years so the greatest good MUST be a huge ultra-powerful gov-meant with high taxes and the greatest evil MUST BE to cut taxes and the size or power of gov-meant. Anything contrary MUST BE evil and wrong. Any administration that was contrary to this mythical democrat dogma simply MUST have lied about the millions of new jobs and lower debt because the very concept SIMPLY COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! Santa must exist, he just must.

Now the failed Obama-ites are convinced they can avoid blame or shift it while still spouting financial nonsense month after month.
Who are they kidding? Thinking voters KNOW secular socialism sux. Economic reality or laws is never an option.
TIME is always the enemy of the socialist pied piers.


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