True to the democrat model, Hillary Clinton made a “nice” sensitive speech but remained in denial. How so?
In a part of her televised speech (on the most recent cult of allah killing of innocents) she asserted as some sort of (wiser than thou) catch phrase for media use, “Terrorism does not have a religion”. Really? On what planet? I beg to differ, strongly differ.

Any thinking American knows instinctively by a simply reading of the mass murder by Taliban moslems that it was 100% religious.
Not 50% or any other percentage. The cult of allah again charged (and executed) innocents with a RELIGIOUS crime.
The cult of allah spared only one person who NOT by coincidence was a moslem who spouted some Quran lines (its a religious book, right?)
to avoid a hail of bullets for instant death.

How many incidents worldwide by the cult of allah on RELIGIOUS grounds or due to their actual RELIGIOUS dogmatic beliefs does it take for American leaders to admit it? Just admit that the cult of allah continues to avoid editing those toxic paragraphs from their medieval “scripture” on purpose. Admit that their medieval “scripture” marrying 9 year olds, beheading, killing innocents and lying for “the cause” is deliberately being used to justify murder worldwide. Thinking millions know it so who are you trying to fool?

How many more decades does it take for democrats (aka secular socialists) to be honest and act accordingly?