The latest from the summer 2010 political grapevine is that “democrats are madly digging for dirt” on any Republicans running for Congress.

Keep in mind what “digging for dirt” won’t do.
Demo-dirt digging won’t get the American jobless rate down, it won’t get respect for the gaggle of WH secular socialist kooks, it won’t lower the $13 trillion of debt democrats laid on American backs since they took congress in 2007,
it won’t reverse shameful apologies to thug foreign leaders, it won’t stop democrat plans for huge 2011 tax hikes, it won’t seal our southern borders, it won’t balance the democrat federal budget, it won’t reverse democrat ObamaCare (aka socialized medicine), it won’t give back a trillion of wasted STIM tax dollars, it won’t change the thuggish lying of this democrat administration and it won’t change the democrat candidates’ records.

What “dirt digging” DOES DO is support my much-posted Universal Theory part #1a…
All the national democrats have are distractions, lies and smears to sell or protect their secular socialist policies
so that is naturally what you see.

It also supports my much-posted Universal Theory part #1b…
The national democrats (aka secular socialists) have no ethical or moral boundaries so never be shocked by what they naturally say or do.