Have you ever noticed over the recent decades the liberals (aka national democrats) have replaced many blunt reality-based words?
Its worse than toilet paper becoming “bathroom tissue”, its an insidious way of coating reality.
Let’s look at how the deliberate fog of sec-lib terminology has softened much that was moral or right or reality for generations.
Fornication has been replaced “slept with”, lying has been replaced with “misspoke”, abortion has been replaced with “terminated a pregnancy”, former wife (after a failed marriage) has been replaced with “my ex”, secular (usually demo-socialist) has been replaced with “progressive” that was formerly liberal (note that liberalism means less freedom and more gov-meant control), broken home has been replaced with “single parent family”, homosexual has been replaced with the positive emotional “gay”, drug addict has been replaced by “has a chemical imbalance”, VD was replaced with STD then “a social disease” (like colds?), bum has been replaced with “homeless person” (is jobless too real?), adultery has been replaced with “an affair” (aka a simple happening), potty mouth has been replaced with “edgy” and soft porn has been replaced with “adult content”.
You get the drift. Add a half dozen sec-lib speak soft fantasy terms occurring to you.
Now we are subjected to the next highest level of foggy fantasy terms like “social justice” and “economic justice”.
Ask yourself who creates all these new soft fantasy terms and what they REALLY MEAN.
What is the purpose of coating reality, especially moral reality?
Have you ever thought of not using the fantasy terms?
Secularism is the prophet of socialism and requires an amoral fantasyland.