As others may have mentioned…the REAL reason the Arizona Law to deal with the 400,000+ ILLEGALS invading their state terrifies democrats is they see a possible waterfall of demands for verification that endangers their voting edge. That the demo-socialists cannot tolerate.
The demo-socialists win many close elections by bussing in the lowest socio-economic folks to the polls with completed ballots. They are terrified that these voters could face verification. This is why the talking point for the biased fawning media is “nazi papers” and such fearful lies despite the fact the media (and apparently Obama from his comments so far) has yet to read the law.
Notice the demo-socialists have also aggressively opposed any voter PHOTO ID across the nation year after year. Ask yourself why?
How many times last year did you, the legal citizen, have to produce a driver’s license or more? Well, how many times?
You will have to have “insurance papers” in ObamaCare or be fined. How is that not nazi-like too?
How many more felonies and billions of your tax funds does it take to bring democrats to reality of states like Arizona?
IT IS A CRIME to be in America illegally and actually a felon to be in Mexico illegally. Distractions from this reality are the goal.
Do not be fooled by distractions, lies and smears.